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By | February 5, 2014

One of the most basic tools for any mobile device is something that can capture and then edit videos. However, the factory or default apps that come as pre-installed prove to be ineffective and inefficient, making video-editing difficult on a mobile device. If that’s the case, is all hope lost for editing videos on a smartphone or a tablet?

Making videos often comes with its own challenges because of all the tools that you have to use and all the complex procedures that you have to go through. Creating videos in a simple way but still producing high quality videos is something that a lot of people want. Coming across a tool or an app that makes video making easy is rare nowadays, but that’s what Replay is all about.

Replay It

Replay It is available for the iOS and it allows you to create your own videos straight from your device’s camera roll. It’s a top voted app in many countries around the world and as its name implies, “Replay It” allows you to replay a set of images or videos from your device and turning it into amazing videos. It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s easy – who knew that making videos could be this easy and fun?



  • Instantly create videos with one click.
  • A variety of unique video styles to choose from.
  • Sync and optimize music and audio for better videos.
  • Built-in video stabilization camera for hassle-free video creation and editing.


How to Use Replay It:

  • Select photos or videos on your camera roll.
  • Start creating the video by selecting a style, adding text, including music, and editing trims of the video.
  • Save the video and share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Download Replay It App for PC/ Download Replay It App for Mac/ Download Replay It App for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch / Download Replay It App for APK

While Replay It is exclusive to the iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, that doesn’t stop those who want to experience using this video-making app. Since the Replay It App is only exclusive to the iOS devices, there’s still no version made for the PC. However, there are still some users who would want to make use of this video editing app. With the use of an emulator, it’s possible to install this app on your PC. Here are steps on how you can install Replay It on your PC.

  • Download iPadian 2 iOS Emulator here.
  • Install iPadian 2 iOS Emulator on your PC or Mac.
  • Open iPadian 2 and search for the “Replay” app or download Replay It app APK file here.
  • Install Replay It aoo on iPadian 2.
  • Run Replay It via iPadian 2 and enjoy!

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a video-creation app that’s easy and convenient to use without any of the hassle that most video-making apps bring, get to it and download Replay It, not just for your iOS device, but also for your PC or Mac. If it’s one neat and reliable video-making tool you’re looking for, you won’t  go wrong with Replay It.

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