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By | June 13, 2017

Pokemon Go on Windows Phone (Lumia)

Pokemon GO is introduced back in year 2016 and from then its popularity increases as the main reason is distinctive game concept along with the inclusion of augmented reality. Pokemon Go game spreads all over the world like a viral fever and till now it sets many records in gaming industry.

The game was initially launched for the Android and iOS platform, but from now Pokemon Go is available to download on Windows phone also !

But why people have so much craze and affection for this location based game ? let’s find out! Pokemon Go is a free game available to download on Android/iOS/Windows devices. The game is designed and developed by Niantic with the partnership of Nintendo in the year 2016.



In this game. players are required to use their smartphones or mobile devices and the GPS capability to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures known as Pokemon on screen through the use of their cameras. This makes the game feel like experiencing real world because the player will need to go outside from their home in order to locate and search for the Pokemons.

Initially, at the time of its launch the game received mixed reviews. Many experts and critics praised the unique concept of Pokemon GO game with its augmented reality features. But on the other hand it also received negative reviews and criticism over its technical glitches which is normal for any application in its initial release. 

However, with time the Pokemon Go becomes the successful mobile gaming app of all time and sets many records in both Android and iOS app stores. The game becomes popular among people of different groups because of its unique gaming concept and incredible gaming experience.


Game Play of Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

Pokemon Go gameplay on Windows devices is quite simple and easy to learn. This is the first augmented reality game which is launched for the Android and iOS platforms revealed at a South by Southwest 2016 panel. When the first video trailer of Pokemon Go released on YouTube, the gamer believe that in order to find Pokemon’s they will have to complete the journey in different parts of the world.

The Trailer didn’t revealed enough information about the game and because of this many leaks and rumors spreads in the market regarding its gameplay and features.

The gaming technique of Pokemon Go is similar to the other portable games launched by Nintendo on its handheld devices in the past but the only difference between those games and Pokemon Go is that the later comes with the feature of augmented reality. The game also provides real life experience with the inclusion of features like battling and trading of Pokemon’s in real time. Theses unique things  immediately taken positively by the gaming world.


Features of Pokemon Go Windows Phone

Pokemon Go is packed with many exciting features which increased its overall gaming experience. With its initial launch, the company has added many new features in the game which we will discussed now. Here we Go !


Get your own respective leader

Pokemon Go comes with three different teams  namely, Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic and the best part is that each of the teams will be getting their own leaders.


Greater number of Easter eggs

The game includes many Easter eggs and most of them are fun to play with. There are still many Easter eggs present in the game which fans and player are not discovered yet. Now gamers are speculating that there could be more potential Easter eggs released in the coming months.


Pokemon tracking tools

In the game,  the only way to catch Pokemon’s  is with the help of Pokemon tracking tool. The games provides numerous tracking tools through which you can find the exact location of Pokemon creature. However, at this time you will find limited number of Pokemon tracking tools in the inventory. New tools will soon be added in the inventory by game developers.


Pokemon trading gets better

If any player possess duplicate Pokemon or say having two Pokemon of similar kind (Like 2 Pikachu’s) then you can simply trade them. Also from that market you can also purchase any Pokemon of your choice. Trading in Pokemon Go is among the core elements which makes it more interesting.




How to Download Pokemon Go on Windows Phone?

Currently, the Pokemon Go app is available on Android and iOS platform and also for Windows 10 OS. But now you can also download the official game of Pokemon GO on Windows Phone very easily. Follow the given below steps in order to download the Pokemon GO Windows Phone.


#1. Create an account

Players are required to create an Trainer account on the official website of Pokemon GO. In order to do this, open the the website in browser and create an account. This is the compulsory step because you have to login into the game when you start playing the game. 


#2. Enable Developer Mode

Once your account is created, turn on the developer mode on your smartphone. You can find the option in settings menu of your Windows Phone device.


#3. Download the app

Download the Pokemon Go app on your PC/Laptop and then transfer the app into your mobile phone via bluetooth or connecting USB cable.


#4. Run the app

Once the app is placed in your smartphone, you will able to see the game icon of Pokemon GO. Tap on it and Start Playing  !



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