Download Infinity Blade For PC -Trilogy (Infinity Blade 1, Infinity Blade 2, Infinity Blade 3)

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There are many kinds of game genres available on the market today. Depending on one’s preferences, their taste in games varies. For the most part, action RPGs (role-playing games) are some of the most popular today.

Shifting towards today’s standards, it’s hard looking for any decent RPG game available in the mobile phone market. Some of the greatest RPG titles exist solely on consoles, far superior than mobile phones. One company managed to break that barrier though. It’s almost hard to believe that Chair Entertainment group, LLC have managed to develop a game for phones with the same caliber than that of many console games.

Infinity Blade is probably one of the most beautiful games ever created for iOS based devices. Chair Entertainment definitely took the time of making this game perfect as its performance is enough to nearly equal some of today’s popular RPG titles like The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft and The Dragon Age franchises.

If you’re familiar with many of today’s hack and slash games, then you will most likely be awed at what Infinity Blade can bring to your mobile device. For the most part, Infinity Blade combines hack and slash with some RPG elements to make it more exciting. Infinity Blade is highly praised for its use of the Unreal Engine – a game engine which is commonly used for high end games consoles like the PS3 or the Xbox 360, a first for mobile games.


The game is available for download and purchase on the App Store of iTunes. As of now the pricing of the games are as follows:

  • Infinity Blade I – around $5.99
  • Infinity Blade II – around $6.99
  • Infinity Blade III-  around $6.99

Sure, the best things in life can’t always be free, but if you want to play Infinity Blade on your PC, it is still possible if you follow the guide below.

How To Download Infinity Blade For PC (Mac,Windows) | Download Infinity Blade 2 For PC (Mac,Windows) | Download Infinity Blade For PC (Mac,Windows)

The hit action RPG has spawned not just one, but two sequels. The growing popularity of Infinity Blade comes as no surprise because of its smooth controls and fluid graphics brought by the Unreal Engine. It’s no wonder that a lot of people want to play this awesome game. If you already purchased any of the Infinity Blade games (Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade II, Infinity Blade III), then you can use the App to play it on PC without purchasing it again. Below is the guide for installation.

Step 1: Install iPadian iOS Emulator on your PC.

iPadian iOS Emulator for PC [Link Here]

Step 2: Open iPadian, use the search bar to search for the Infinity Blade /Infinity Blade 2/ Infinity Blade 3 games.

Step 3: After finding the games, click install on iPadian. Keep in mind that you can only install one of the three games at a time and only if you have already purchased them from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: After successfully installing the games on iPadian, you can start playing them on PC

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    The simulator is slow and has bad graphics.BlueStacks is way better than this but there is no other choice if you want IOS simulator.


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