Download Angry Birds Transformers Apk (BlueStacks, GeneMotion, YouWave)

By | February 1, 2015


From the all-time hit game, Angry Birds, comes another ground breaking expansion to this casual gamewonder. Taking on a new shape, the Angry Birds have now turned into Transformers! Now, the birds can turn into the original Transformers that have appeared in the movies and the TV series.

Coming from Rovio. Ltd, the Angry Birds Transformers has several new features added to the gameplay but still retains the core essence, throwing away the slingshots of the old of the original game, that blends well together with the Transformer theme.

Angry Birds Transformers is available for both the mobile and PC platforms, so no need to worry about getting your hands on it. Containing several features that the players of Angry Birds all know and love and turning it into an action game, Angry Birds Transformers brings you just that and even more.

Dive into this 3D shoot ’em up Angry Birds adventure as you play one of the Autobirds to put a stop to the EggSpark that has turned the eggs into robots that are wreaking havoc on Piggy Island. Play as one of the several Autobirds like Red as Optimus Prime along with an all-star cast that you’ll be meeting real soon! Fire off lasers, shoot rockets, and transform into vehicles!


But that’s not all! Since the Autobirds won’t be able to handle the EggBots that are destroying Piggy Island, they have to team up with their old enemies, the Deceptihogs! Will these two arch rivals be able to work together to put an end to the EggBots? We’ll see.


  • Unlock a variety of characters from Autobots and Deceptihogs!
  • Destroy with some serious firepower in your hands!
  • Transform into different vehicles!
  • Get stronger by upgrading your Transformer!
  • Tag team with a friend to launch even more devastating attacks!
  • Use Telepods to boost or revive your Transformers!
  • Go through several stages filled with action and destruction!
  • Tons of things to unlock!

While it may be something new for the fans of the classic casual game of physics that the first Angry Birds game has, Angry Birds Transformers has a lot of things to offer. The Transformer theme is certainly something new and something to look forward to!

Want to play Angry Birds Transformers on your Android device? Download it here for free! Play Store

How to Download Angry Birds Transformers APK/ How to Play Angry Birds Transformers PC

Angry Birds Transformers is available for the Android devices. If you want to play it for your PC or Mac, here are a few simple steps that you can follow to get it running on your computer.

Step 1 : Download and install an Android emulator on your computer like BlueStacks, GeneMotion, or YouWave.

Step 2 : Once you’ve installed the emulator on your computer, search for Angry Birds Transformers on the search bar.

Step 3 : Click on Angry Birds Transformers and install it on the emulator.

Step 4 : Once it’s done installing, open Angry Birds Transformers on the emulator and start playing!

Step 5 : Alternatively, you can also download the APK file here: Angry Birds Transformers APK

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