Download and Install iPadian 2 – iOS Emulator for Windows PC/ Install iPadian for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch

By | March 21, 2014

The mechanics of emulation has been around for many years. From emulating the older genres of gadgets and consoles like the GaneBoy Advance and the PlayStation 1 into the newer platforms like the PC is nothing new.

However, it has only been recently when emulation of operating systems of various mobile devices is now possible. Even today, emulating the Android OS for the PC is possible and that possibility is also given to those who want to experience using the iOS without having a mobile device.

The features that the iOS delivers with each update sums up the capability that Apple devices bring. However, some users can’t afford to buy an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac Book, but still want to experience the wonders that the iOS brings. While a number of emulators have been developed, most of them were riddled with bugs, errors, and even malware. But with the iPadian, a great iOS emulator for Windows is now possible.


iPadian 2

The iPadian enables you to run the iOS on your PC, play games, and open apps like in an iPhone. Among the iOS emulators for Windows, the iPadian Emulator is considered to be the first and the best of its class. You can customize the desktop, play games, and run apps from the Apple Store. With the latest update, it’s now called “iPadian 2” which mimics the iOS 7 to give you the best experience.



  • Download iOS apps from the App Store with iPadian 2
  • Run iOS apps with ease and smoothness compared to other iOS emulators
  • Customize your wallpaper and home screen just like an iPhone or an iPad
  • Run iOS apps on the iPadian 2 just like an iOS device
  • Have a desktop
  • Get your own little iOS device with the iPadian 2 on your computer

There are certainly a lot of people who want to experience using the numerous iOS apps, but don’t have an iOS device like the iPhone or the iPad. Sure, buying one may be an option, but not everyone can afford it. But now, it’s possible to get all those iOS apps without having to worry! While the iPadian is a powerful software, the installation is easy and simple. Here are the steps on how you can download and install this iOS emulator for Windows:

  • Download the iPadian 2 iOS Emulator here: iPadian 2
  • Run the installer.
  • Approve of the Terms and Conditions and click on “Next”.
  • Files online for the iPadian 2 will then start downloading spontaneously.
  • Once downloading finishes, approve of the permissions, and click on “Next”.
  • After the iPadian 2 is installed, the manual is shown. Click on “Finish”.
  • On your home screen, a shortcut for the iPadian is automatically made.
  • Open the iPadian Emulator and run iOS on your PC.
  • Enjoy!

In just a couple of steps, you can download and install this iOS emulator for your Windows PC and experience what the iOS brings. Get to play iOS games, run iOS apps, and enjoy all the iOS has to offer! If you want to experience having the iOS, get the iPadian 2 on your computer now!

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