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For any questions, queries or suggestions, Android IOS Guide may ask you to give some personal details required in the filing of a contact submission form. By submitting your personal information, you understand the involved risks of doing this and you should only do so by your own discretion. This site gives a prior notice regarding the risks that are involved in submitting your personal information. While this may be true, Android IOS Guide ensures that your personal information that you’ve submitted is kept safe, secure, and private by instituting measures that prevent the use of your personal information for any malicious intent or personal gain. Rest assured that your personal information will neither be passed on nor sold to any third party group for the benefit of this site. Personal information that is given by our users will not be disclosed or revealed for whatever reason it may be. The site also holds the right to clean or delete the information that you’ve submitted once that the site deems it right that your information is no longer necessary to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of all users.

Android IOS Guide may use your personal information that you’ve given to this website to send you email newsletters, alerts or promotions in products and/or services that this site provides you or answers to questions or suggestions that you may have previously sent through email. Personal information may include your name, your email address, and other relevant details that can be asked of you in using this site. Android IOS Guide ensures that your rights and privacy will be protected.

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