Concept Design for Reddit on Apple Watch

By | May 12, 2015

A Post for the Concept Design of Reddit on Apple is setting the Internet Abuzz


After a Reddit user posted details of a Reddit app for the new Apple Watch, Reddit users began to get excited. The post, created on the ‘/r/apple’subreddit, explains the creator of the app is currently looking for other developers to help with the project.

Whilst the app is in the concept stages right now, the design phase has already been completed. Christened Watchit by the Reddit users, the uploader included images to provide a more detailed vision of pretty much every aspect of the new ‘Reddit Apple Watch’ app.

Despite altering the apps design following feedback from other Reddit users, the design seems remarkably simple to use and could offer people a world of news at their wrist. Some of the changes include slimming down the app and an option to view your front page straight from your Apple Watch, containing posts from only the Subreddits you have personally subscribed to. There’s also an option to view all posts from all the latest Subreddits too.

Following suggestions from the Reddit forum, the design of the Home screen was changed meaning users can’t browse individual Subreddits on the Home screen, reducing the amount of information that has to be displayed. The front page is instead intended to be presented as a list view, which can be scrolled by using the digital crown.

Featuring images of how the app icon would appear among other apps on the Springboard, the Reddit user also included a mock-up for the Home screen and Front page. Should the app go live, you’ll be able to scan all relevant Subreddits before expanding them to make it ‘full screen’. To go back to the Subedit, just tap close. Force Touching a post opens up a context menu, allowing you to save or send images and posts directly to your iPhone. It may be in the early design stages yet, but this app is looking at how best to utilise the Watch/Phone combination, taking full advantage of the communication potential of the Apple Watch.


While the actual iPhone companion app is yet to be designed, the intention is for the iPhone app to ship with and drive the Apple Watch app, allowing you the freedom to send posts from your Watch to the iPhone. The developer has promised to limit the price to no more than $0.99, which is a mighty bargain for an app with such potential. This means that even without the Watch, app users will be able to use the iPhone app by itself. iOS is already looking at several other upcoming alternate Reddit apps, but which will rise above the others to become the number one Reddit app for Apple Watch users remains to be seen.

You can read more about the Apple Watch here.

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