Check out the October 16th Official Apple Event Video Stream, and It’s Live!

By | June 7, 2015

Apple is announcing that there will be an even for their products that needs upgrading on October 16, and expect that these are juicy news about the devices! All you need to do is to check out the live streaming video on the web.


This live stream is known to be something that they need to do in order to make up for the September 9th event that really caused a lowered reputation for Apple. There’s a loss of video and audio, and it has really frustrated its viewers. Take note that even Chinese translations suddenly came out of the show, and this was never resolved in a fast way. But it’s a good thing that Apple is starting to make up for what happened, and we do hope that this next video will be a lot better than the previous one.

There will be some updates about this live event, and you will be able to see those details at the live section of Apple’s website. Since you know well that Apple does its own agenda when it comes to their features, expect that you can only watch this when using iOS versions 6 and above, together with Safaro OS X 10.6 and above as well.

It’s a good thing that there are some tutorials that will teach you on how to check out Apple live streaming events via Windows and other browsers, and it’s a must to learn if you want to access it via PC, laptop, or even Chrome.

Things to Check Out in the October 16 Apple Event

The October 16th edition of the live streaming event really has the slogan “It’s been way too long”, and that really has a very special message in it. It’s because this means that this event will be telling you all about the announced updates of certain products such as Apple TV, Mac mini, along with some well known devices that will do have upgrades like the iPad Air and mini.

There will be a lot of discussions to provide you more reasons on how to replace your iPad with new devices since there will be brand new features that will surely attract you to getting it, and rest assured that it’s going to be worth it. There will be really powerful specs coming along, and this is very interesting for all Apple fans out there.

The Mac mini is truly interesting since this will be another step for Apple to provide more convenient devices to use. There will surely be new features that will really amaze Mac OS X users out there as well – even though we have our own laptops and PCs at home. Rest assured that testing out these products will be worth it. So be sure to watch it now!

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