Check out Safari’s Private Browsing History using Mac OS X

By | May 25, 2015

It’s a well known fact that Apple’s systems are considered a lot more secure than any other type of operating systems, and that’s why this is known to be almost virus proof.

However, we all know that some diligent developers and security experts make sure that they will be able to find more and more bugs because not all operating systems are perfect anyway. This is a good thing because Apple devices are getting more popular, and this is a very helpful thing. This time, you will learn how to check out the private history on any type of Mac OS.


We all know that private browsing is known to be a method where you can browse the web using any other device without ever saving history. For most guys, we all know where this is mostly used, and the reason why it’s so popular. But still others use it for better purposes such as doing secret purchases, checking out sites that relates to your own secrets and problems, and even dual logins for Facebook.

There was an expert that saw a type of vulnerability in Safari where you will be able to check out the actual Private Browsing History of Safari, and this is known to be a thing worth exploiting for other people. Not all may be interested to do this, but you can actually use this vulnerability that can help you spy out Private Browsing History for the sneaky ones. It’s because we all know that Private Browsing is something that lets you browse without any mark done. But this method can see the mark in it. Here are the steps:

Download SQLite

This is a must for you to download for the sake of getting access to the history. This is available on the App Store which is why it will be very easy for you to get. SQLite is known to be a very safe tool that’s perfect for beginners.

Open WebpageIcons.db

Using your SQLite database reader, open up the WebpageIcons.db in your Safari folder. This will surely let you check out all of the safari pages that’s been checked out while the user was in Private Browsing mode.

This is a very easy method for you to do, and is not frustrating at all. This is perfect for beginners and experts alike, and take note that you can also do more things with SQLite. This will surely dismay those who frequently use this, and happen to be your friend or relative. So be sure to do this while it still lasts because once Apple sees this, you will never be able to do this ever again.


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  1. Nevena

    Hi, is there any way to view private browsing history from iphone 6s device?


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