Check Out Metadata in iPhone Photos using Photo Investigator on iOS 8

By | May 25, 2015

The new iOS8 is known to have some awesome features that made the system of Apple mobile devices a lot better than ever. You can now view metadata on photos on your mobile device using Photo Investigator

A Simple Tip About Metadata

If you’re not sure what metadata ism then take note of this for you to have a better understanding about it. Take note that this is a very simple thing to remember. Metadata is actually a data filled data. Since this is all about data, then taken note that it will be data that’s detailed on your photos. This mentions the time frame where the photo was taken, the firmware of the device used, file size, resolution, settings, and even the location of the photo.

This is usually used by photographers that love more details when it comes to digital photos, experts in computer – especially those in forensics, and others who want to learn more details about your picture.


How to Check Metadata in iPhone Photos using iOS 8

First of all, take note that this can also be done using an iPad. Thanks to iOS8, there is a very nice way for you to check out the details of your photos. At first, Apple might have thought that metadata is not needed by all people. However, there are some that need this. Apple decided to open up the share menu for developers, and this made developers create extensions of their own for more convenient commands on their phone.

Photo Investigator is known to be one of these ways to check metadata. This might be an app that looks useless, but has one great feature. This very feature lets you check out metadata in a very fast way, and it opens up the metadata of any filetype of images in your Photos app. All you need to do is to choose the share button on the photo, and use metadata. For you to turn on the Photo Investigator, all you need to do is this command in the Photos app.

Photo Investigator is an app that you never need to purchase anymore. This is a great command that can let you check out a lot of details on the photo – including locations.

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