CallEnhancer Makes Anonymous Phone Calls From Your iPhone Easy

By | June 6, 2015

Not long ago, we reported on a new concept tweak, Call Anonymous Button. By using this concept jailbreak tweak you gain an extra button to your phone Dialer which would enable you to call anyone, anywhere without revealing your telephone number.

The tweak would accomplish this by adding country –specific codes before the number you intend to dial. For example, you when dialing the US, you would use the code *67 and if dialing the United Kingdom, you would use *141*. Essentially, the tweak is using each country’s blocking code to enable you to dial anonymously.  You can also pick your Caller ID prefix which is based on the country in which you live.


The developers have created a fully-fledged jailbreak tweak from this concept tweak and have named it CallEnhancer. This tweak does two things primarily: Every time you tap a contact, It asks you to confirm that you want to dial the number before you initiate the call, by bringing up another screen that asks you to confirm your desire to dial the number. You can choose to complete the call with or without anonymous dialing. It displays an additional button next to the Call button for completing the anonymous call; your number is not revealed in the call recipient’s Caller ID.

The second feature is a set of embedded codes for the more frequent dialed countries. If you don’t immediately see your country among the embedded codes, then just do a Google search of the code. Once you’ve confirmed your country code, add the code by going to Settings, tap on CallEnhancer and then tap on Country Prefix. You can get CallEnhancer as a jailbreak from the Big Boss Repository in Cydia. It’s not exactly an incredibly robust feature, but it’s perfect for those times when you really want to maintain your privacy and at $0.99, it’s a very reasonable investment that enables that need. Since this is a jailbreak tweak, you will need to jailbreak your device. For those of you working on a Windows machine, you can get to TaiG jailbreak tool and if you’re working from a Mac machine, then you can access the PP tool.

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