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By | April 27, 2017


Battlefield 1 APK

Battlefield 1 is published and distributed by Electronic Arts, and it is fifteenth edition in the Battlefield gaming series which is based on the theme of World War I. This game is having “1” as a suffix which implies that this game is first person version and the game plot is based on shooting and action methodology. So in this article we will provide you the direct links to download the APK file of Battlefield 1.

Unlike the previous installments of Battlefield gaming series, the Battlefield 1 is very advanced and prominent game in its category and this game possess the largest and extensive setup when compare it to the other action/ shooting games. In this game the player will appear in different persons according to history and war patterns and along with that the player will experience war in different countries like France, Italy, Arabia and many more.

The game is packed with heavy weapons as the gaming plot is based on war theme, weapons and artillery such as   mustard gas, rifles ,flamethrowers, heavy artillery,semi-automatic machinery etc. Apart from that player can grab heavy armored vehicles including cars, biplanes to ride in the war arena. In order to unlock all weapons and gadgets in the game you can download and install SB Game Hacker Tool.



Battlefield 1 Companion App APK Download

Battlefield 1 has already creating records since its launch on the google Play Store in terms of downloads and ratings. The multiplayer capability of this is extremely vast as it supports around 64 players which makes a great squad system.  The games  allows the player to leave and enter into the game simultaneously without ant interruption and availability of map of the user is located all over the world. This game includes various geographical area which contains 9 Maps and total 6 different modes.

Name of the App : Battlefield 1 APK

Application Size: Compressed Size is in progress.

Developer of Battlefield 1 : EA DICE


Features of Battlefield 1 APK:

1 ) The adventure and thrill in Battlefield 1 Android takes you all over the world which includes exciting campaigns and this feature you will not able to see in other games. Geographical location like Italian Alps, the Western Front etc are included in battle 1 game.

2 ) Player System in Battlefield 1 Mobile game is very vast because you can gangs up with 64 players in a single squad to fight the enemies. Single Player mode is as exciting as multiplayer mode. For this you have to download the Battlefield 1  Companion app.

3 ) As Battlefield 1 Mobile game includes 6 different mode with extensive maps therefore battles and war can take place on surface like ground, air and sea.

4 )  This year edition of Battlefield 1 game includes new squad system through which players can jump between serves and switch between currently running game.

5) Total eight distinct classes are included in the multiplayer system of Battlefield  1, namely Assault, Medic, Support, Scout, Tanker, Pilot, Cavalry and Elite. Player can choose the group according to their choice and the capabilities fo all these groups are different from one another.

6 ) Like other action games, this game also includes factors like environmental destructibility through which user can control the map with the help of battleship of Royal Navy.

7 ) As this game is based on the World War I, so you will get to see vehicles like heavy tanks, biplanes, horses, naval vessels, motorcycles, Zeppelins etc.

One more interesting thing is that the Battlefield 1 Beta which is going to be released later in this year and if you register yourself as an Insider then you might get earlier pass on the official website.



Download Battlefield 1 APK:

The game is officially launched on October 21st for the gaming platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but not released officially for Android devices. So if you want to play Battlefield 1 on your Android device then you need to download the  setup file along with Battlefield 1 APK Data + OBB files. The OBB file of the game contains graphic and images in the form of encrypted data which helps to run the game on Android operating system. You have to follow given below steps to install Battlefield 1 on mobile :

1 ) Download the setup file of Battlefield 1 APK game from the internet.

2 ) Now, download the required OBB Data file of Battlefield 1 which is required to install the interface.

3 ) Navigate to your toot folder and search for the APK file of Battlefield 1 that you have downloaded earlier. Tap on the APK file and  install it on your device. Wait for while until the installation process is completely done.

4 ) After completion of the above step , extract the OBB Data file and place the files in specified folder  through file manager.Now start the game from app drawer and start experiencing the World War I universe again. One can also get hold of the Battlefield 1 APK Deluxe version.

This all about the quick guide on how to download and install Battlefield 1 on Android Device. So what are you waiting for, download it and Start playing Battlefield 1 Today. If you face any issue during the installation process then let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more !


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