App Store’s Cloud Movies Allows you to Use your Own Version of MovieBox

By | June 6, 2015

Cloud Movies is an alternative app for MovieBox that’s guaranteed to be better than the latter. Compared to MovieBox, this one is a stable and legit app that can be downloaded right from the App Store without the need to make jailbreak tweaks available.

Therefore, never giving you the need to jailbreak your phone just to access a nice movie streamer.


For those who want to know about MovieBox, take note that it’s an app that can let you stream some movies. Not just movies, you can also get series, documentaries, and even your all time favorite anime. You will be able to access all of these for free, and on the technical side, this is backed up by torrents as they stream data from various sources. This is known to be something that’s truly amazing app, and will really make you think that you’re getting access for free shows using a legit app.

However, violating copyright infringement in a really big way rendered MovieBox unavailable from App Store. You might need to sideload it for you to get the application. But with Cloud Movies, you will never have to do that. Cloud Movies is just the same as MovieBox, and will really let you get shows for free, and at the same time it’s also available in the App Store. However, remember that you must download it while it lasts because this might be removed someday for reasons that you surely know.

This app lets you get some free movies and shows. This makes it technically like Netflix, but with freebies for an unlimited time. It also has the same features of the popular app such as letting you search for casts and staff of the movie aside from the title itself. There is also a nice way for you to get a sorted gallery of movies to watch so that you will be able to get something that you love in terms of genre. There’s action, comedy, and a whole lot more.

Cloud Movies makes sure that it will be able to have a very simple GUI much like MovieBox, and is well made for the sake of the new models: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The only con that you will be able to notice in this app is that some of the texts are in Vietnamese. So we might need to wait for an update for the other languages to come out.

Take note that Cloud Movies is an app that will never let you do sideloading or jailbreak anymore. This is an app that’s for free. But you need to take note that this is only available for a limited time. But this is a safer way than MovieBox due to some reasons.

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