A Look At Apple Watch and Its Tracks Runs Feature Without GPS

By | May 28, 2015

The Apple Watch Apple Watch is finally here and the reaction has been mixed. To some it seemed as useful as a pet rock. For those that like it, especially for the health and fitness features, you’re probably wondering how the device tracks without using GPS  and without a connection to an iPhone or iPad.


Initially we thought Apple would put the GPS feature in the headphones that come with the device and seemed like an arrangement that would give Apple Watch the superior accuracy of GPS for tracking your runs and providing directions without taxing the notoriously short battery life of the device.

So How Does Apple Watch track runs without an iPhone? Initially it does it by tracking your steps and the total distance run. It uses the GPS on your phone to calibrate your steps with distance. Within time, it will develop an accurate estimate of your gait distance and can track your running time without an iPhone.

This feature is perfect if you are more concerned with how much you have run rather than here you have run and how many steps you have taken

So what are you waiting for? Go for a run!

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