A Faster Way to Find Open iOS Apps by Using the Sandbox Directory method in iFile

By | May 25, 2015

Back then, iFile allowed you to open up any kind of iOS app’s sandbox directory. Sadly, recent updates of the iOS 8 rendered this useless for good. This is known to be a good way for you to check out everything that you might need in an app. Using your iFile for jailbroken iOS devices, you will be able to get access to this feature once again.


If you don’t know this one yet, take note that there are some iOS apps that have their own type of sandbox where – just like every kid does in the real ones – do whatever they want within that sandbox. But – just like kids to their parents – they need to ask some access from the operating system for it to do various things outside the sandbox. iOS made this possible by giving certain data paths on the operating system itself, and there are files that can lead the app towards that access.

For those who know how to do jailbreak, for sure you know that this file is only available for those that have jailbreak on their devices. This is known to be used for setting up every file in your system, and also lets you install jailbreak related apps. This is known to be a good way for you to transfer files as well. This is pretty much like a very optimized type of file manager.

So if you’re planning to customize applications and putting in jailbreak fixes on your system , you need to get to that certain app’s sandbox directory. There are some changes to the sandbox directory thanks to iOS 8’s update on this feature, and back then doing this was a very easy thing to do at all. DapaPaths command will be used for this feature, and this is an app that will help iFile to get the sandbox of a certain app. This is a support app for iFile.

This can be done by going to Settings and then DataPaths. This will help you check out all of the installed apps on your device right now, and will help you check out the actual folder of that file. This will help you navigate everything that an app has for you to do advanced level settings for it. This is a free app that’s perfect for jailbroken phones.

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