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By | May 2, 2017


3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is a popular emulator also known with name of 3DS emu, which can be use to emulate 3DS  games of Nintendo on operating system like Windows and Android. This emulator is close source software which is now used by many users in order to play Nintendo 3DS games on different operating systems.

With continuous improvements and constant up gradation from the first released version, all the bug fixes and increase in performance can be seen in the 3DS emulator when compare to other emulators available in the market. It can also supports and able to run on many various operating systems. One important thing that you must keep in mind that 3DS emulator not works on the platforms like Mac, Wii consoles or the Linux simultaneously.


What’s in 3DS Emulator?

1 ) Compact Flash/FAT emulator.

2 ) Synchronous mode of SPU to stream audio and video.

All 3DS Emulators pack with the ability to give maximum performance to the emulator. The setting of performance is different for all the games based on their graphic and data requirement. If you ever feel that a performance setting is not up to the mark of a particular game then you can adjust it through this emulator via setting menu and tune it to higher performance that gain around +20 FPS. This setting you can apply to emulators like Xbox 360 emulator and SNES.

Before diving into the game play, you can set a resolution of specific game (for example : 720p) through customization setting according to your requirements. Apart from that you must also check the minimum requirements of your Windows PC system so that the Emulator will easily able to run the games and give its maximum performance. If any time you get an error or the problem of game crash then reinstall the emulator on your PC system and boot it to get more efficient performance. Also for some other games, you should keep a check on the “Disable Fog” option which you can find under the settings.



Features of 3DS Emulator

Most of 3DS Emulator comes with many unique and exclusive feature, but if you compare it to 3DS console then it not that impressive. So here is the list of feature includes in 3DS emulator :

1 ) Game Save  : The function of saving the game in 3DS emulator is very helpful. You can save your game instantly during break time before turn off the game .

2 ) Resolution: This emulator gives you a variety of screen Resolution option upto 720p, to set the game performance according to the system capability. You can adjust it via setting menu.

3 ) Anti-Aliasing : This features allows your game to look more realistic but it totally depends upon the graphic card performance of your system. If you already installed a high end graphic card then you’re going in for a roller coaster ride.

4 ) Network : The audio quality from speakers and headphones is as good as the console, through which you will experience a live acoustic environment.


Nintendo 3DS Emulator Console

Nintendo is the company which manufactures and selling gaming consoles in the name of Nintendo 3DS. This console can able to run games having 3D effects without using additional accessories like 3D glasses. The first gaming console of this series was launched by Nintendo in the year 2010 and inthe same year they released its successor called Nintendo DS [Dual Source] which is compatible with many DSi and DS games. The main hardcore rival of 3DS console is PlayStation Vita, which is manufactured by Sony Corporation.

This consoles is developed and published by the Nintendo and it packs many features apart from the augmented reality such as 3D cameras . Other features includes like downloading of games and playing it, this function is similar that you can find on older consoles. Nintendo 3DS also comes with pre-installed apps like the online app store known as Nintendo e-shop, a Social Network known as Miiverse, Video and entertaining apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Swapnote etc.



Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulators

Several games like the Fire Emblem Fates, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Legend of Zelda  which we can play them on other devices. So in order to make it possible for people to play not on handheld device or those who don’t get a chance to experience this kind of games. so here we will provide you a list of Top 5 Nintendo 3DS Emulators. which you can installed on your PC system running on Windows OS and can able to play any 3DS game smoothly.

#1. Citra 3DS Emulator

This is currently the best 3DS Emulator through you can play any Nintendo 3DS game without any issue. The user interface of this emulator is user friendly and easy to understand. This emulator allows you to play games on PC having operating system like Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. It is a open source DS emulator which is compatible with version of Windows operating sytems (7,8,10)

#2. No$GBA 

This emulator comes under the category of Nintendo DS Lite/DS Advance Emulator and only able to run the GameBoy games. This emulator is supported only on XP and Vista version of Windows OS and it is free until the trial period expires. Later you have to upgrade the package by spending $2.50 to get access with all of its features.

#3. DeSmuME

You can get this emulator for free and it only works on the PC system which are having Windows operating Systems. This emulator is the first in all which allows to run the commercial games. To get more information regarding its exclusive feature go to its Official website

#4. NeonDS

Again, this emulator only compatible with Windows OS and you can run all commercial games through NeonDS Emulator. The navigation and user interface of this emulator is quite simple and easy to use. For starters this is best emulator which we recommend.

#5. iDeaS

This emulator is designed for Windows OS and it is Open GL source Nintendo 3DS Emulator. It is also capable to run many commercial games like Mario 64, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl etc. hardcore games will definetly going to love this emulator.


How to Download 3DS Emulator PC

Citra Emulator, work in progress and Nintendo 3DS Emulator can able to emulate tons of homebrew software and commercial games of different genres. It can easily extract the games like Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. But this is happen with all games. Many games shows black screen or freeze, crash and then stop working.

If you are using low end graphic card which produce glitches, then it will definitely slow down the performance of the game. To avoid this issue, there are other option available like Citra Emulator which is compatible with Linux, OSX and all version of Windows operating system.

Requirements :

As Citra Emulator is not too fast to run commercial games smoothly and to resolve this the only thing you need is to install graphics card with OpenGL 3.2 compatibility along with intel i5/i7 processor for getting high performance.



Step By Step Guide to Download Citra Emulator :

1 ) Currently the Citra Emulator try to eradicate bugs and errors and therefore in order to download its Stable version there is only one way.

 2) First option is to download this Emulator from its Official website. But before downloading the RAR file go through the TODO list then guide and information of the developer.

3 ) Once you download the .rar file. After that you need to extract the data from this rar file by right click on the file and click on the option extract to the New folder. Performing this step gives you the extracted files and then open the .exe file from it to setup the file.

4 ) When the setup wizard is installing in between that you will be see asked to Download 3DS Emulator. Click on Yes and Proceeds further by clicking on “Next”accepting all terms and conditions along with add-ons and plugins.

5 ) After that the installer wizard downloads all the necessary file automatically, provided that you need to connect your system to internet connectivity. After completion of this process, a shortcut of Citra Emulator will appear on the home screen of the desktop.

6 ) Once the downloading process is complete, Click Here to Download the Bios and follow the required instruction.

7 ) Before installing any game make sure that your PC contains both 3DS Emulator and BIOS. After installing the Game, navigate the file into 3DS ROM in order to launch the game.


Download 3DS Emulator for Android

From the name itself you can predict that  3DS Emulator for Android is used to play Nintendo 3DS games on devices running on Android Operating system. This emulator supports and compatible with many games like  Pokemon Omega Ruby, Super Smash Bro, Anime Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, The Legend of Zelda: Mask 3D, Fire Emblem Awakening, , Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and many more.

The best  feature of 3DS Emulator for Android is that you can transfer and bring the important data and files along from 3DS console. With the help of this Emulator you can able to new as well as old school gaming titles of Nintendo DS and DSi on your device running on Android OS. You can play this game with the feature of Multiplayer by seating in the same corner.

 1 ) First, Click Here to download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android on your device. This link is for NDS4Android emulator.

2 ) Navigate to the Notification panel of your device and Tap on the Download file to start the installation.

3 ) Once the Installation process is completes, Run the 3DS Android Emulator by double clicking on its icon. This Emulator is totally free and doesn’t require any condition of shady server.

4 ) You can now start playing games of your choice by downloading 3DS Emulator on your device having Android operating system.


Download 3DS Emulator for Mac

Other than Citra Emulator, there are many other 3DS Emulators which are compatible and supported with Mac devices. Apart from that you can also able to play 3D Games on it. The Emulators for MAc are very user friendly with its  software and open the gate for the user to experience the new kind of gaming universe. 3DS Emulators which are available for Mac is very easy to use and also its installation procedure doesn’t require any expert. In order to download this Emulator, you need to follow some important steps which is given below. 

1 ) The first thing yo have to do is to download the .rar or uncompressed data file of 3DS Emulator and then to get those files you need to extract them by double clicking on it.

2 ) In the extracted file, look for .exe file and double click on it to start the installation process.

3 ) Carefully read all the instruction and wait patiently till the completion of installation is done. During this  installation many add-ons and plugins will be downloaded.

4 ) After the installation process completes, you will  able to see the shortcut icon of 3DS Emulator on Mac Desktop home screen. Click on it and start playing Nintendo games.

5 ) You need to load the required game ROM as soon as you launched the game of your choice. Start enjoying games on full screen without any difficulties.


Install 3DS Emulator on iOS Devices

Friends, if you are afraid of installing 3DS Emulator by thinking that it will Jailbreak your iOS device then don’t worry ! this will not happen because this Emulator only requires devices iOS version 9.0 or greater than that. This is the best thing for those wants to play Nintendo games on iOS so badly.

1 ) Open this URL in the Safari browser of iPod, iPhone or iPad to download the file. You can also download other 3DS Emulator files of your choice, if you don’t want to download the above mentioned emulator.

2 ) Once the downloading of files completes. Click on the install button to install those files and then go back to the home screen and wait patiently till the installation process completes.

3 ) Once the 3DS Emulator is downloaded, navigate to this path “General>Profiles” or “Device Management.” Search for the app the app that shows name “Guangdong” and tap on the “Trust” option twice.

4 ) Now, Launch the 3DS Emulator on your iOS device and start downloading  your favourite games to play on your any iOS devices like iPhone, iPod or iPad.


How to Download 3DS ROMS?

3DS ROMS are very important files to run any 3DS games on any device because it contains data which is encypted in the form of graphic and image media. If your are using 3DS Emulator, then in order to run the games you need to download 3DS ROMS on your system. For an instance , if you want to play Pokemon X and Y, then your device must contains the ROMS of Pokemon X and Y, in order to run perfectly on your system. However, from a legal point of view, it depends on how you’re getting control on the ROMS.

Commercial games are viable and therefore it is not easy to download 3DS ROMs. Along with that these files came in the form of folders which are compressed in .rar format and to use this files, you need to extract them first and then place the ROm file in the Emulator interface in order to play the game. The procedure of running the game in 3DS Emulator is very different as we see in real 3DS console or GameBoy console therfore you have to download the ROM for that game which you want to play.

Some of the other alternative of 3DS Emulators which are available, these includes e3DSx, TronDS, 3Dse, 3Dmoo and many more. Download the essential ROMS of the game which you want to play on the same device and load them into the game through the “Load ROM” option. Now start playing without any chaos.



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