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Pokemon Go 0.63.4 APK Download for Android Devices!

Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4

The latest version of Pokemon GO APK 0.63.4 has been released for Android devices on 7th June 2017. The update can be downloaded from its official website or from Google Play Store. This update contains many new features and tweaks which helps in enhancing the overall gaming experience of Pokemon Go.

The developers of Pokemon Go are trying continuously to make this app flawless in all aspects. You can download Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 for Android devices and Pokemon Go 1.33.4 APK for iOS devices from the links given in the end of this post.

In this post we are providing you the Download link for the Latest version of Pokemon Go APK, so that you can experience the all new Pokemon universe by installing Latest version of Pokemon Mod game. Earlier we have provided you the tutorial guide on how you can Play Pokemon Go PC game by using Nox App player Android Emulator. Now let’s see what are the new features that we will get after updating the Pokemon Go to the Latest version.


Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 Newly Added Features!

As you know, In previous articles we had already listed the the features that you can get with older version of Pokemon Go, here in this post we are providing you the best features that you will get in Latest version of Pokemon GO game. In order to improve gaming experience of Pokemon Go, we recommended you to download Pokemesh 10.0 real time map.

The version 0.63.4 of Pokemon GO APK is only available for the Android users You can also read the updates feature list in the Nox Pokemon Go update content or from the download section of Pokemon Go APK.

1 ) The game is now supported the Brazilian & Portuguese language.

2 ) You can now see the progress toward the next medal tier by tapping on a Medal.

3 ) The Pokemon Finder menu is totally changed and this is the first change that you will notice after updating the Pokemon Go with latest version. The menu is now labeled as Sightings instead of Nearby Pokemon.

4 ) Pokemon Go 0.63.4 APK update will now having 80 new Monsters and this fetaure you will get on iOS devices with 1.33.4 update in the form Pokemon Go Gen 2 update.

5 ) The latest version of Pokemon Go app has fixed the bugs that prevented Great, Excellent and Nice Poke ball throws to get XP bonuses.

6 ) With ht latest update, the battery issue is fixed for both Android and iOS users. The battery draining issue is now resolved with Pokemon Go 0.63.4 update.

7 ) Players and trainers can now change the nickname without any issue. In previous version , the facility to change the nickname was not possible, but thanks to the latest APK update of Pokemon Go.

8 ) The developers of Pokemon Go have added a separate dialogue to remind the trainers that they should not play the game after a certain speed while traveling.

The Latest updates provides many bug fixes and error issue and you will get to know about all this when you start playing the Latest version of Pokemon Go game on your Android device. Now let’s have a look on the features that you will get on Latest version of Pokemon Go on iOS devices.



Pokemon Go iOS 1.33.4 Update

If you play Pokemon Go on Android or iOS device, then their is no major difference in the features which comes with Latest version of Pokemon Go app. But if we talk about overall gameplay performance and reliability then it is way better on iOS device. The gameplay of Pokemon Go on iOS is much smoother when compare i to the Android device. This may be our assumption as the device performance depends on various factors. Not talking more about the comparison, let’s see what’s new in Pokemon Go 1.33.4 iOS version of the game!

1 ) This update brings more stability improvements and bug fixes to the Pokemon Go iOS app.

2) The Pokemon Go on iOS devices is now running more smoothly and therefore you can find Pokemon’s very smoothly without any kind of lag.

3 ) Pokemon Go game is not compatible with 5th generation iPod touch, iPhone 4s or earlier iPhone devices. It will work only on devices running on iOS 8, iOS 9 or iOS 10 installed in them.

4 ) Devices which doesn’t have any GPS capabilities can not work with Pokemon Go game. If your device have GPS technology then make sure that you turn on the GP while playing Pokemon Go on iOS devices.


Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 Download for Android

In order to download the latest version of Pokemon Go on Android devices, you need to follow some important steps which you can find Download section of Pokemon GO. We are providing you the direct link for downloading the Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 version.



Pokemon Go APK 0.63.4 with Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update

Download Sources :


Clash Royale for PC – Download on Windows 7,8,10 or Mac Now

Clash Royale PC

In this article we will show you how to download Clash Royal game on Windows PC. Earlier, we have provide you the Detailed guide on how you can download and run Google Duo PC and Google Allo on PC. The overall procedure to Download Clash Royale PC is quite similar to that and it is way easy to install on laptop or PC system.

In order to run Clash Royale game on PC, Just follow the instruction guide given below and you will able to Download & install this game on your computer. First jump into the introduction part and then we will explain its gameplay features and process to download Clash Royale PC.

The Clash Royale game is designed & developed by Supercell, which is also the developer of most popular mobile game of all time i.e., Clash of Clans. The Clash Royale is launched on 3rd January 2016 for both Android & iOS platform. The game is based on real-time multiplayer card dueling and collection. Initially, this game was only available in few countries which are Finland, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and New Zealand; later the game was officially available for worldwide on March 2, 2016. 


Features of Clash Royale for PC:

The characters in Clash Royale PC game is very much similar to the popular Clash of Clans game. Along with that tower defense, line-ups, arenas, collectible card games & rewards in real time online battle arena makes it more enjoyable to play. Players can choose maximum of  8 cards in their deck, according to character abilities based on defense, power, attack to defeat rivals in 1-on-1 duels. If you win the battle you will get different kind of chest which contains coins, gems and cards. As of now, total 48 cards are available in the game and player need to win the battles to unlock this cards.

The Clash Royale PC game contains various battle arenas, which can only unlock when you win enough trophies. All arena contains different cards and to unlock them you have to reach in that arena by winning battles. There are three kinds of cards available in Clash Royale for PC game which are a troop, building & spell. If player loose the battle, you will lost the trophies and if you win the battle you get trophies which helps you to reach at different arenas.


You can also upgrade the cards and makes them more powerful for the battle with the help of coins. You can donate and gain cards with your friends by making Clans or you can say group. The Clan provides different position to the players like Member, Elder, Co-leader and leader.

Clash Royals PC game is very different game both in gameplay and battle mechanics when we compare it to the Clash of Clans  and  Tactics also play an important role in Clash Royale PC game, since it’s vital to capable to charge & invade bases cleverly. The game is free to download on both iOS and Android platforms but it offers in-app purchases.


Some of the most interesting features of Clash Royale PC game are listed below. Have a glimpse at them now!

1 ) Play online with other players worldwide and try to win maximum battles to unlock different cards and showcase your gaming skills.

2 ) You can unlock different battle arenas by winning battles which also helps you to get various rewards like coins, chest, gems and trophies.

3 ) Make your own deck with maximum of 8 cards by applying special strategies in the battle to defeat your rival or opponent.

4 ) If you destroy all towers of opponents, then you will get the Epic Chest which includes heavy rewards.


How to Download Clash Royale on PC (Windows 7,8,10)

Now here we will discuss how you can download and install the Clash Royale PC game on systems running on Windows and Mac OS. The game is officially released only for the Mobile platforms having Android or iOS operating systems and If you want to know about how you can run this Game on desktop or laptop having Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 or windows 7 or windows XP or Windows Vista, then just follow the step by step instructions given below. This guide will help you to install the Clash Royale on PC very easily.



Download Clash Royale on PC Using Bluestacks

You can download Clash Royale game on PC by installing Bluestacks Emulator on your Windows Desktop or Laptop. But first you have to download the Bluestacks player on your system from its official website. Once you installed the emulator you need to login to your Google account to proceed further.

1 ) Navigate the cursor to the search bar of Bluestacks player, then search the term”Clash Royale” and hit Enter.

2 ) Once you hit enter, many results will display on the screen but you have install the official one. Click on the install button available next to Clash Royale PC. The game will take some time to install on your PC via android emulator. Once the game installed, open the Clash Royale PC app from the app tray and start battling !

3 ) Sometimes the app is also available  on the home screen of the Bluestacks player, If you don’t want new apps  on home screen then you can turn off this setting from the settings menu.



Download Clash Royale PC Using Nox App Player

The second method to Download and install Clash Royale PC is through installing Nox App Player on your Windows desktop. This emulator supports all versions of Windows OS i.e., Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and that’s why this is one of the trending Android Emulator in the market. The interface and user experience of Nox app is very simple and easy to use. Nox App emulator provides best Android Emulation on PC for running apps and games.

In order to run Android apps and Clash Royale PC game, you need to download the latest version of Nox App player on your Windows Desktop or laptop from its official website. Once you download and install the Emulator, open the Google Play Store which comes pre-installed with Nox App and then search the “Clash Royale” in the search box of play store and Hit enter. Pick the official result and Click on the install button present next to Clash Royale PC app to to install it on your Computer running on Windows or Mac.


Clash Royale for PC Download Using iPadian

The third and last method to download Clash Royale PC game is via installing iPadian software which is also an Android Emulator developed for Windows PC. This software is supported to all Windows version and easily run Clash Royale game. iPadian is a free software and you can download this emulator from any of the trusted source available on the internet.


1 ) Download the latest version of iPadian software for Windows from its official website and install it on your system.

2 ) Once the download completed, install the iPadian software on your desktop or laptop by following the similar procedure which we explain above in the case of  Bluestacks.

3 ) Open the iPadian software and navigate the curson to the the search bar and type “Clash Royale” in it and hit enter button. After that pick the official Clash Royale app and Click on the install button.

4 ) The installation procedure will take some time and it is totally depend upon the internet speed and processing of your computer.

5 ) Once the installation completes, you can start Clash Royale PC app directly from the home screen of the iPadian software.



List of Top 20 .IO Games to Play Online


.IO Games

As you know there are tons of web based online games available in the market called .IO games. In the Past five years there many online game released which also includes the feature of playing Multiplayer. The games have the .io extension and that is why the games are popular known as io games. In this article we are going to show you the list of the Top 20 .iO games which you must try.


About .IO Domains!

 IO code assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory is an Internet ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) which is administered by ICB (the Internet Computer Bureau), a company based in the United Kingdom which registers domain names like the (com, org 


History of .IO Games online game is the first release in the .io game series and it is one of the best .io game which you can play on your devices. The genre and concept of this game is inspired from the classical game Osmos. With the initial release of, the game became so popular among players in very limited time and took the internet by storm with thousands of active players playing the online game across the globe.

The is designed and developed in very unique way to attract the gamers with its amazing features like full screen gameplay and online Multiplayer features. Later the developers using these concepts and similar framework in developing new .io games.


Popular .IO games List Ruling the Online Market at Present!

As you all know there many .IO online games available on the internet market but few of them are popular, possess huge memberships and played by million of players across the globe from different countries. The .io game list include,,,, Snake Pit,, Geoarena,,,,,,,,,,,,,  etc.


.io Games List:

So here’s the list of top 20 .IO Games released till 2016 last quarter!

         Game Name
3.     GeoArena.Online
16.     Warin.Space



The is the game which is the combination of tetris and Agario and it is purely based on the core game which still receiving update. The game consist of blocks which fill the screen and it is quite similar to the video games available in 90’s. In this game  if you touch a block, they will touch to your block and form a square making the blocks grow. You can make any shapes of your choice with these blocks and apart from that the “Space bar ” key allow you to fasten the game and “W” key will give you the throwaway blocks back. This game is so much enjoyable and that’s why it is at the top of our list.




The game comes with the similar functionality that we can find in These game is consider to be the clone of the snake game which pays you and allows you to play. Now let us explain how this game works. When you first start the game, you will see a full map of spherical shape orbs on the screen that you have to eat. Along with that you also earn starts time to time and once you collect 50 stars, you can get a 1$ Amazon Gift Card from the site unlike the other .IO games Amazing, Isn’t it?


#3 Geo

Unlike other .io games in the above list, the Geo is based on 1vsl game and it posses the features of some other io games like or The gameplay and menu is very different from other games  but it allows player to customize the ship and go on Geo arena with many options. In order to start .io game, you have to press the start button available at the bottom of the screen. The gameplay of Geo is very exciting and packs with amazing features.



This game is different from other .io games because unlike other games this is a simple 2D game having snakes with colorful UI design. Your target is just to be the only snake that lives in the last avoiding the crashes, collisions and  and the bumps. Thus the game requires fast reflex and it is sometimes hard for the player to perform action in very quick period of time. Other .io games includes left arrow and right arrow buttons to guide the snake.




This game is one of the best and popular .io game after The gameplay of is purely based on the classic snake game that we used to play on our old Nokia devices. The only difference is that this game taking the browser gaming to another level  which is based on real time online gaming having multiplayer gameplay feature with high quality graphics. The main target is to become bigger by eating more pellets and by avoiding other snakes that are larger than you. You can also activate the “turbo mode” by Clicking the left button of your mouse. You will earn points by eating pellets and getting larger.

In order to play game, You need to download APK on your Android mobiles or tablets. Since this game is very popular among all the .io games mentioned in the list above and that’s why people have been growing crazy for online game and  therefore you should also give it a try.



#6 is the reason behind the development, popularity and growth of .io games because it is the first .io game from which everything has started and and later, on the basis this other .io games are developed and that is why the gameplay of all the games in the list is very simple and sophisticated. The objective of the player is to act as a cell and eat the rest of the cells to grow. During the game, try not to came in the contact with other bigger cells and  if you do game will over. You can use “W” key to give some mass away and “Space Bar” key to split into two halves to escape or eat.



In, the gameplay is quite different from other .io games given in the above list. The game offer you play in many tank shapes like pentagon, square, circle etc. and also unlike other .io games  you don’t have to get bigger in this game. Instead of that the game focuses on destroying the other players by gaining experience points to clear different levels in the game. You can also choose upgrades like damage, speed, health,  tank etc. by using experience points. People who are die hard fans of RPG’s game are definitely  going to love this !




As Snakepit is the duplicate version, Similarly this game is the clone of game in which player will play the game in the form of ship having dual cannons on both sides. Player will earn cash instead of gaining experience points unlike other .io games. You can use this cash in upgrading your ship and additional weapons. This is why the is very unique and functional game among the .io games list.




This is the cutest game among all other .io game present in the list where you actually can play as an original Narwhale. The main target of the player is to stab other Narwhales (Other player) by cutting them half using your head. In order to control the Narwhale you have to drag the mouse, in similar way if you want to increase the speed movement of Narwhale you need to Click the mouse buttons. In case if you hit the head of another Narwhale, both of you will go flying back without any deaths.



This games is technically superior from other .io games because is developed with the innovative combination of both and which possess the feature of upgrades systems. The overall concept and mechanics are quite similar to that of and here you will play as a slash (Arrow which is indicated by 4 in the name) in a map full of enemies, food and NPC blocks. Like other .io games, this also includes gameplay feature like eat to grow bigger, destroy other player to gain points and clear the levels. You need to press left button of the mouse to increase the movement speed and destroy purpose.



The game is based upon shooting mechanism in the space environment which is similar to the arcade video games of 80’s. The game consist of many levels and in order to clear those levels, players need to kill their opponents. With each new level, different weapon will unlock, and the core of this game lies in the black hole. Unlike other .io games, the map of this game is filled with many black holes that can teleport you to another side without flying. 



This games is again a clone of and basically it is a classical snake game, but includes many additional features like invisibility for limited period of time and increase the speed of snake etc. The overall design and UI of is very clean and the visual graphics is also of high quality. This .io game also provides various skins to change the game environment. The buttons that are used for further modifications are “Q,” “E” and “W” keys that are to be used to become the leader of the game.



The mechanics of this game is very similar to the game, the only difference is that comes with impeccable features and other technical advancement. In this game, the player will act as a mouse and the map contains water drops (blue pellets) and berries (red pellets). You can increase your experience points (XP) by eating those berries and turn into other animal. By Clicking the left button of the mouse, you can drink water to gain energy and immunity. You can not eat animals of same species, and you can only eat animals which are lower than you in the food chain. This game is way different from other .io games shown in the above list.



The gameplay of is not similar to other .io games because this game is MMO game, where the player act as a spiked ball which is loaded with enormous weapons. The ball can be controlled by the keyboards keys  “W,” “S,” “A” and “D”. The weapons equipped with spiked ball can also be controlled with the help of mouse. This game is not east at all and one has to give multiple tries.



This game is very unique and innovative when compare to other .io games and thus it is considered as the original .io game. As the name suggests, the game deals with brains and zombies and when the game begins, you will start playing as a Zombie and rest of the players ran from you in order to save their life in the game. The gameplay is very simple and co-operative in which you have to kill all the players who are trying to escape.

The game offers you to choose between Zombie and human character, if you play as a Zombie then you have to touch all other players to turn them into zombies or eat them and and if you are a human, you must be careful to not to touch zombies. With the help of movable objects available in the map , you can build barricades to protect yourself.



This is the second game in the list of .io games which is based on space theme after The gameplay includes the battle between two different spaceships and you can upgrade and evolve these spaceships with the help of XP (Experience points), this is similar to the game. The game requires multiple players at the same time to destroy enemy spaceships.Unlike other .io games, if your base gets destroyed by enemies, you will become weak. 



The game is massive among all other .io games in the list. The game consist of cute cells where the player starts playing as a cell. The main goal is to eat the blobs or pellets on the map to grow. Player can also create a path by  holding and pressing the left click of the mouse. If other players touch the path that you have created will die. It is somewhat similar to the because here the  path is considered as the snake, but the gameplay of the is very different from other game in the list.



This is the first racing genre game in the .IO game list and if you are die hard fan of racing games then you definetly love the gameplay of, as it is just like regular car racing game. When the game starts, it will ask you to enter any name and then you have to Select the car type (Buster, Racer, Flash, Bully, Hazard or Ambulamp). After that you need to race with other players on the speedway. Your car will damage and lose health whenever you crash with a wall or other player. All cars included in possess different abilities and health status. You have to choose the car type according to the game condition and opponent strategy.




This game also contains the similar mechanics and dynamics of the famous .io game i.e., This game comes with tons of Mods and customization which makes even more better and enjoyable when compare to You definitely gonna love this game if you have ever played because the gameplay design is very neat and visual graphics is of high quality.




This is one of the weirdest game in the .io game list because in game you have to bash other player with the help of some tools like hammer. The gaming methodology of this game is very similar to other .io game in which you have to take a hammer and spin it to bash the other players who are playing with you. The game is weird and hilarious at the same time because player have the ability to dress up as a character.

Whenever you kill an enemy, you will earn a coin. You can play as a celebrity or politician like Donald Trump. These are the main reasons that makes funniest .io game in all the listed games above. APK Download LATEST ! Install Slither io Mod APK on Android! APK is an online game which was recently launched for the user who loves to play online games, this game is recognized as the next generation game of

According to the some news reports, the online game is played by 10 million active users every day which is very astonishing even for the gamers. In this article we will tell you about on how you can download APK on Android devices.

At the time when game released on the app store, their is no other game or app available in the market with such functionality and features. Due to this people become desperate to try Online game on their Android devices like tablets & smartphones. After that many Mod APK released but they were not secured as the original game and most of them MOD APK’s contains harmful files which opened the gate for hackers to hack million of devices running on Android OS.

So to play safe, You can download the APK file from our website which is secured and trusted by many users. You will not face any issues when you install this file on your Android smartphones or tablets.



The above image shows the screen when you open the official website of in your desktop web browser. The design and user interface of on Android devices is quite different, but in terms of gameplay both desktop and Android version is similar. If you want to hack game then by install SB Game Hacker Tool, which is the best Android hack tool available in the market ! APK Download

If we talked about the best online game which is available for Android in this category, then is the one which consist a lot of setting, customization and other options which you will not get in Using mouse controls the speed of the worms is much faster in and also the overall apperanecr & design is way better. The Multiplayer option is also available in which makes it more suitable for players.

Don’t you worry guys! the is particularly for desktop’s users. If you play games on Android device then is best option. before we moving ahead, let’s understand the gameplay features of Later, we will explain you the procedure of downloading the APK.



Game Play of Mod APK

There are minor differences in the gameplay features and functionality of in Android and desktop version. The Gameplay features given below are of Android version. So here’s what you would love to know about

1. The game don’t ask any kind of login procedure Just enter any nick name of your choice and you are all set to go! 

2. Once you start playing the game, you need to eat those glowing lights or worms whatever comes your way!

3. Make sure that you cannot came in contact or touch the worms of other player, otherwise you will be out of the game.

4. Instead, plan it in such a way that the player himself/herself hits you so that you can increase the length of the worm.

5. The more you eat those glowing lights the more you increase your worm length in the Game. And as the worm length increases, your rank will also improve in the ranking charts. APK Download for Android

The overall procedure to download APK is very simple, all you need is just follow the steps given below and then you can able to play Online game on your Android devices without any issue.

1. The first step is to Unlock your Android device and then connect it to the internet via wifi.

2. Click here to download APK Mod or you can also download it from its official website or Google Play store.

3. The downloading process takes some time, So wait patiently and once it’s done, install the Mod APK file on your smartphone or tablet running on Android OS.

4. Now click on Open the application button and play Android game for free on your smartphones!



Newly Added Features in 1.4.8 APK Update

1. With the latest update, there are many skins are now available in the game.

2. Playing online in the game is much improved when compare it to previous version.

So these are some of the minor changes that you can find in 1.4.8 APK Mod update. We hope that you are going to take a full advantage of these updated features. 



How to Download Vidmate for PC (Windows 7,8,10) & Mac


Vidmate for PC/Mac

Vidmate PC is an Android application exclusively developed and designed to watch videos of TV shows, movies, music and videos on your devices running on Android devices such as  smartphones and tablets. You can easily download any movie or video songs on your android device with the help of Vidmate PC app without any issue.

The app Vidmate for PC is only available for Android devices and therefore you can not download and run it on systems having Windows or Mac OS. In order to run this application on devices running on Windows or iOS operating system, the only thing you need is to download any Android Emulators on your system and you will able to run Vidmate on Windows/Mac PC.



Features of Vidmate for PC

Vidmate for PC is one of the best Android app which is available to download for watching TV shows and movies in high quality. No other app will stands in-front of Vidmat’s features and functionality, And before you start using this app, it is important to know more about its basic and special features. So here we are providing you the list of features comes with Vidmate for PC !

1 ) You can download Vidmate app for PC on android devices free of cost and with the help of this app, user can download unlimited movies, TV shows and also watch them online.

2 ) All videos (including movie, music etc.) available on the app is divided into categories based on genres which helps a lot in finding your favorite video.

3 ) You can download any video directly to your system by using Vidmate app for PC running on your Computer or Laptop.

4 ) The app also allows user to watch news channels ( both national and International )

5 ) The overall design and navigation of Vidmate app is very user friendly and anyone can use this app without any issue as it doesn’t have any complexities.


Benefits of Using Vidmate on Windows PC

The developers of Vidmate app for PC are Indians and they designed the UI in very effective way so that user can experience the richness of high quality content. The app includes a vast database of videos, audios, TV shows and movies both for Indian and International users.

However, the maximum content included in the app is for Indian people and it is the best application available in our country when compare it to other Online streaming services. Indian people who are living in other countries and wants to see Indian TV shows, videos etc. then this app is definitely for you.


Benefits of Vidmate for PC Includes :

1 ) You can easily watch any videos of your choice and enjoy them without any buffer problems.

2 ) The app also supports multiple downloads, which saves time.

3 ) The downloading process in Vidmate app is very much easier and quick without any complexities.

4 ) User can resume and pause the download based on the speed of internet connectivity.

5 ) Vidmate app for PC is free to download and available only on android platforms. The videos can further be watched offline irrespective of time and space.


Vidmate Download for PC (Windows 7,8,10)?

The downloading process of Vidmate app on PC is quite easy and free. As you all know the Vidmat app is not available for Computer and Laptops running on Windows OS and in order to run the APK file of Vidmat on PC, the most essential software that you require is Android Emulator like Bluestacks, LeapDroid or MEmu etc.

The Bluestacks player is the most prominent and best Emulator which can run & supports all android application without any difficulty.

1 ) The first thing you need is to download any Android Emulator on your Windows PC or Laptop. You can Download and Install it directly from here. Just follow the instruction step by step given in the guide.

2 ) Once the installtion completes, Open the Android Emulator and Navigate to the search bar which is avaible on top left corner.

3 ) In the Search bar, type Vidmate in it and Hit Enter. The official result will appear on the screen, Select the Vidmate app and Click on Install button.

4 ) The installation process will begin once you click on install button. Wait patiently till the process completes. The installation time is totally depend upon the internet speed.

5 ) Once the Vidmate app installed on your PC, launch it from the app tray of Emulator (Bluestacks, leapDroid, Nox App etc.) Open the Vidmate app by clicking on its logo and Start downloading unlimited videos for free!



How to Install Vidmate App on PC using Vidmate APK

1 )  First Install the Android Emulator of your Choice ( like Bluestacks, leapDroid etc.) on your PC or laptop and then Search Google for Vidmate APK file.

2 ) Download the APK file of Vidmate app on your PC from reliable and trusted website.

3 ) Once the download completes, open the Vidmate APK file by right clicking on it and choose open with as specific player. Here we are using Bluestacks player.

4 ) When you perform the above step, the file will launched in the Android Emulator or Bluestacks Emulator.

5 ) The Vidmate icon will appear in the app tray of Android Emulator. Just Launch it and Start downloading videos for free!



Download Vidmate for Mac

There is no big difference in the process of downloading the Vidmate App on Mac and for Windows. The procedure is quite similar to the one that we have discussed above for Windows PC. But if you are new to these kinds of things, then don’t worry ! Just read the instructions given below regarding how to download the Vidmat on Mac devices like iMac or Macbook.

1 ) Check whether your Mac device (iMac or mac book) connected to the internet or not. The internet speed must be enough for downloading medium size files in short period of time. 

2 ) The next step is to download the best Android Emulator on your Mac PC/Macbook. If you have no idea regarding which Emulators is best, Don’t worry ! Just download the Nox App Player on your system which is considered as the best Android Emulator for Mac PC.

3 ) Once the downloading of Emulator completes. Click on the file and start the Installation process of Android Emulator on your Macbook or iMac system.

4 ) Now open the Emulator and Navigate to the Google Play Store app which is pre-installed in the Android Emulator.

5 ) The Next step is to Search “Vidmate App” by typing the keyword in the Search bar of Google Play Store. Hit Enter and store display many results related to Vidmate app. Click on the official app and Tap on the install button for installing the app instantly.

6 ) Wait Patiently till the installation of Vidmate app completes. Once the process is done,  you can start using Vidmate on your iMac or Mac book.



Google Fit App Download for Android Latest Version!

Google Fit App

For the last couple of years the fitness bands and smartwatches have become very essential gadgets for tracking down person activities like walk steps, gyming, running, calories burn etc.

In order to track this kind of activities on smartphones, you surely need an app and to make things easier, Google has recently launched Google Fit App which is available for Android devices. This app shows person fitness activities in graphical insights. It’s always good to stay healthy and fit. Isn’t it?



Later in this article we will also discuss about its unique features and functionality but before that lest’s talk about the latest version of Google Fit Fitness tracking App which is released on 2nd September 2016. You can download the Google Fit App for Android devices from the link given below. In the latest update, many features and changes are included in the app which makes it more efficient.


Google Fit App Features

Whenever Google launched or manufacture any kind of product, technology or app then it always astonish the people with its innovations and amazing features by stands apart from the competitors, like we saw earlier when they launched two application Google Duo calling app and Google Allo app. You can see all this incredible things in Google Fit Fitness tracking app also. Now let’s see the important features that you can get on Google Fit app available to download from Android devices.

1.  No matter whether you are running/cycling on your way or walking, Google Fit calculates every activity of yours to show you perfect insights at the end of the day!

2. You will get real time statistics directly on your Android devices for your runs, rides, walks, etc.

3. Google Fit app records the speed at which you run, walk or ride, distance traveled, your route directions, elevation (if any) etc.

4. The Google Fit Fitness tracking app allows you to set reminders and goals of your choice so that you never miss your daily activities and targets. 

5. Set weekly targets to play 2 hours daily. Just like playing Cricket on Wednesday morning, playing tennis in Sunday morning and many more.

6. Other goals such as taking 15K steps every week, be active for 30 minutes, running 5 times in a week for an hour etc or you can even create your own goal according to your needs.

7. Check your weight on daily basis. Because if your weight is decreasing up to 5 KG’s in a month or two, you are sure to be fittest of the persons in the world.

8. Calculate the calories burnt during your ride or while walking. The Google Fit app shows at what speed you are riding or walking which is seen in almost all the fitness app.

9. You can compare your different activities or exercise, calorie burnt on the basis of daily reports, weekly and monthly reports!

10. In order to check your overall progress, you can visit the official website of Google fit ( or on your Android smartwatch too. 



Google Fit app provides as a fitness tracking app. It supports and works with Android Wear, Strava, Nike+, Mi Bands, Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Withings and lots more. 

The features which are mentioned above are the basic features available in the Google Fit app but now with the latest update the app becomes more better, efficient and refined. The updated features are listed below.


Latest Updated Features of Google Fit Fitness Tracking App

  • The app now provides the ability to edit your day to day activity.
  • With this latest update of Google Fit app, people can now view all the daily stats at once.
  • Compare to other people in your area and see how fit you are and  Get inspired from them if you are not the fittest of all.
  • Set your targets and specific goals of your choice for any time period such as daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.
  • Google Fit latest update fixed many bugs and glitches. Also it will now supports more Android devices.

These are some of the updated features that you will get with Google Fit Fitness tracking app latest version. Moving forward to the next section in which we will explain you the process of how to download the Google Fit app on Android devices.


Google Fit App Download for Android

Fitness is the most essential part of human life in order to stay healthy and if you walk, run or exercise regularly then you will need a fitness tracking app which tracks your overall activities which keeps you updated with stats like heartbeat, calorie burnt etc and So, here we are providing you the step by step procedure to download the Google Fit App on Android devices.

1 . First thing you will need is to create a Google Account if you haven’t on your Android device. Then Sign-in to your Google account.

2. Navigate to the official Google Play Store app in your Android device and in the search bar type Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App and hit enter.

3. Once you find the official Google Fit App in the Google play store, just tap on Install button and agree all terms and conditions. After that The installation process begins.

4.  The installation process will take some time depends upon your device specification, So wait patiently as it might take few minutes to install.

5. Once the installation done, open the Google Fit app and set your targets by connecting it to your required device (Band or smartwatch ) and you are all set to get fit within no time. APK Download for Android – Play Game Online APK

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Follow the steps given below in order to download and  install the APK on your Android device whether it is smartphone or tablet.

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This is the overall information regarding Android game. So don’t wait & Start Playing it right now! Tell us  the best thing you have liked about online game in the comment section and also share this Post with your friends & loved ones. If you face any issue while installing or downloading this game, post you comments in the comment box below !