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Download MEmu Android Emulator on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10


MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator is one of the best and free Android Emulator available to download for the systems running on Windows Operating Systems.This Emulator is launched recently for computers and laptops with the soul purpose to run Android application on bigger screen by enhancing the feel and experience of the Android application whether it is games or other productivity apps. In other words, it a kind of Android player which allows user to run all Android APK available in Google Play Store on Windows or Mac OS based PC systems.

As you all know there are other prominent Android Emulator is also available in the market but as the performance and compatibility features of MEmu Emulator is far better then its rivals, it is now preferred by many users and experts. 

With the help of MEmu Emulator you can play any Android games and apps on PC or laptops , chat conveniently through Android instant messengers like Hike, Wechat, WhatsApp, Telegram, BBM, WeChat by typing from your keyboard. It also allows you to stream videos through apps like Showbox or Terrarium TV directly on PC screen provided that you must have high speed internet connection.


Features of MEmu Emulator

1. Ultimate Android device experience on the large screen of the computer monitor.

2. Customization and flexibility to change the settings of memory size, CPU, navigation bar location, device model, resolution, root mode, navigation bar location etc.

3. Mapping the keyboard or joysticks to screen for a hard core gaming experience.

4. Passing sensor data to Android using an accelerometer to play race games in an intuitive way.

5. Simulation of GPS mapping and location.

6. It allows the sharing of a file between Android devices and the System having Windows OS.

7. Installation process becomes easier with the help of Drag and Drop tool.

8. You can delete, create and clone a file by just One Click.

9. Opens multiple windows in the interface simultaneously.

10. Booting time of this emulator is very less.



Games Supported on MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu Android Emulator supports and packs with a library that includes wide range of android games with genres like action , arcade, sports, strategy etc. along with best classic and newly launched ones. These are the most popular and download games available on MEmu Android Emulator.

1 ) Pokemon GO 

2 ) Dream League Soccer 2017 PC

3 ) Clash Royale

4 ) Clash of Kings

5 ) Frontline Commando etc

6 ) Asphalt Xtreme

Apart from gaming applications, you can also download the Whatsapp for PC by using MEmu Android Emulator on personal computers or laptops having Windows or Mac operating systems.


Things to Notice While Downloading MEmu Emulator on PC

1 ) The Installer for MEmu Android Emulator Package which you download on your desktop is running on Android version 4.2.2  software. The installation procedure of MEmu Emulator is not very lengthy but as the developers have forgotten to translate the software from Chinese language, you will have to wait patiently while reading the instructions and steps. 

2 ) The MEmu Emulator Installer is very compact in size and also it will download quickly onto your system as its server are very stable and reliable, but if the downloading process becomes slow then the reason would be the server server over load, at that time you have to be patient till the process of download completes.

3 ) On the official website of MEmu Emulator , there are many version are available to download which are having different android version like Android 5.1 or Android 4.4.4, then in that case you can choose either of the version depending on the system that you are using. If you want to run desktop in the form of tablet then you can read the features available in that versions.



How to Install and Use MEmu Emulator for PC

1 ) The installation setup program is totally comes in Chinese language except the buttons which are available in English and this will help to find your way through. Click on the link given below to Download the MEmu Android Emulator.


MEmu Android Emulator Download Link : Click Here


2 ) Once the installation process completes, an emulator window will appear on the screen just like you have seen earlier in case of Bluestacks Player, The Emulator is running on the Android 4.2.2 version interface. Some of the apps are already pre-installed in MEmu Emulator like File Explorer etc. You can always download many application and games directly from the Google Play Store.

3 ) A toolbar is available on the right panel of the Emulator which includes features like the shaking the device, rotation of the screen (Portrait & Landscape) , volume adjustment, taking a screenshot or running an Android app.

4 ) Change the Location of GPS to avoid location relation issues as it is set default to China. You can adjust this settings by navigating to the “GPS simulator” tab. The GPS location accuracy is very important for apps like Pokemon GO.

5 )  If you are facing issues during the performance, you should try changing the RAM in which the emulator is located along with the screen resolution and number of CPUs that are rendering the software.

6 ) MEmu also provides the feature of Sharing the contents of files and folders between Android OS and computer system. This allows user to transfer the files like videos, images text documents, etc.

7 ) This Emulator also provide an unique feature to enable multiple touch gestures using the keyboard. However the procedure to enable this feature is still not properly known to anybody but it seem it is a kind of hidden feature of MEmu Android Emulator.


MEmu Android Emulator is one of the best emulators which is available for free and has been licensed as a Freeware for both the 32-bit and as well as 64-bit versions. It also supported on devices running on Mac OS . The MEmu version is available for everyone to download but the compatibility will vary with the Windows XP, Vista, 10, 8, 8.1 and Mac OS devices.


Nox App Player Download for Windows PC/Laptop & Mac


Nox App Player

Nox App Player is one of the best and finest Android Emulator option available in the market which allows user to download the Android application and games on Windows and Mac PC.

The latest installment of Nox App Player is available to download from 6th May 2017. If you want to experience the Android universe on your PC or laptop then download the offline installer of Nox App Player which provides you the access to enjoy apps and games on bigger screen.

One thing that people must keep in mind that the latest Version of Pokemon Go app is no longer supported on Nox App Player and if you want to play Pokemon Go on PC, then you need to download other Android Emulators like Bluestacks or LeapDroid on your personal computer. You can download the Bluestacks App Player from the link given below. Pokemon Go 0.61.0 is now working fine with Bluestacks 2.5.61



As the android simulation market is growing rapidly and hence there many resources avaible online from which you can download varieties of Android Emulators like YouWav, Andyroid, Bluestacks (One of the BEST), LeapDroid etc. In all of them Bluestacks is consider as one of the best and reliable android Emulator by many experts and users itself but the User Interface and customization capability is far better in Nox App Player. Other than that if you want to hack any game then install SB Game Hacker APK on your devices running on Android OS and gain powers, unlimited coins, unlock hard levels etc. 


Nox App Player Download

Nox App Player was first released in August 2015 and since then it successfully conquer the hearts of the several due to its exceptionally well performance both in hardware and software. In this Emulator the installation and booting process is very fast, it only take less than one minute to install on your computer or laptop device.

In order to download Nox App Online or offline installer, you must possess fast internet connectivity so that the the downloading process doesn’t take much time. Let’s have a look on some of the special and unique features of Nox App Player before moving forward to the downloading &  installation procedure guide of Nox App.



Features of Nox App Player

One of the highlighting feature of Nox App Player Android Emulator is that it is compatible with Windows 10 and runs on 4.4.2 kernel (KitKat). The developers of Nox App released its latest version on 6th May 2017 which is known as Nox App Player This updates features bug fixes and other additional utilities to make it more efficient. So here’s the list of features of this Nox App offline installer :

1 ) Google Play store is already installed in this emulator, so their no need to download or integrate it again.

2 ) You can easily open unlimited multiplayer windows with just one single Click.

3 ) You don’t need to download the APK files of apps and games in the emulator. Just download the APK’s on PC then drag and drop it in the Nox App Emulator and Start enjoying the application.

4 ) Options to customize the settings of RAM, CPU and resolutions are now possible with Nox App Player. This features are still not available in Bluestacks Emulator.

5 ) Nox Data backup is very useful utility to store important backup files in your personal computer or laptop.

6 ) The latest update has added a button to On/Off the root mode.

7 ) Capture a picture in Nox and it will be automatically saved in your PC.

8 ) You can now able to record video of any screen in this emulator.

9 ) Operation tips also included in the latest version of Nox App to navigate users in a right way.

10 ) The new update of Nox app player allows user to customize the sidebar menu and other option available in it.

11 ) You can also play Pokemon Go on your laptop or Windows PC with the latest APK of Pokemon Go Android.



Download Nox App Player on Your PC/Laptop

If you want to download the Nox App Player on your PC or laptop having Windows oS version 7, 8, 8.1, 10 then you need to select either offline or online installer of Nox App Player Emulator. The link for downloading the installer is given below.

You can download the offline installer if you want the Latest version of this amazing player and if you download the online installer then you will get latest updates whenever a new version is available and it will automatically updates your emulator with new additional features. If you don’t know the procedure of downloading the Nox App Player on PC or laptop then here we will provide you the step by step guide tutorial on how to download this player along with its steps screenshots.


How to Install Nox App Player on Windows 7,8,10?

In order to install Nox App Player on Windows PC system having 7, 8 or 10 version you need to follow the given below steps and before starting the process of installation make sure that you must having the fastest internet connection.

1. In order to download Nox App Player for Windows PC, you need to visit the official website of Nox App Else, or you can also use the download link for offline and online installer given above or use Bluestack Player as a substitute.



2. Once the downloading process is completed, the next stage is to start the installation procedure.



3. Wait patiently until the installation process is completed. Now navigate to the Start button and Click on it as shown in the image below.


4. After performing the above step, the Nox App Player installer start updating the files and then stores them in your PC system’s hard drive.

5. Once the Nox App emulator is installed completely on the system (PC/Laptop), launch the player and just after that you will able to see the screen given in the image below.



6. If you already have a Google account on your android smartphone or any other Gmail ID, click on the Existing button, else, create a new Google account and you are all set to use Nox App Player on the go!

7. You will now able to see the home screen of this amazing android emulator. Just double click on the Google Play store icon and now you can download and install tons of android application and games on the bigger screen via this awesome emulator.

So, these are the important steps that you must follow while downloading and installing the Nox App Player to your computer system. But do you know sometimes after performing proper installation, the system are unable to run the Android Emulator or gives the error of “not supported”. This is because the emulator that you are trying to install on your PC require some minimum hardware so that it will able run your android apps and games.

In order to resolve this issue let’s have a look on some of the basic and minimum hardware requirements that your system must have in order to install Nox App Player successfully on your laptop or computer.


Minimum Hardware Requirements to Install Nox App Player

To download the Nox App Player, your Windows PC/Laptop must have the following hardware installed in it :

  • 2GB RAM
  • 3 GB Hard disk space
  • 1GB Video memory 
  • 2.2 GHz Intel Processor

So these are some of the basic hardware requirements that you must check before you install this emulator on your PCs and laptops.


Leapdroid Download for Windows 7, 8 &10 – Best Android Emulator !



LeapDroid  is an Android Emulator made for Windows PC or laptop to run Android applications and games, this emulator is also supported even on Mac PC and Macbook. Before we jump on to the download procedure of LeapDroid, let’s first try to understand the basics of Android Emulator, so that it will gives you a brief idea about it.

Leapdroid is an software development kit made for Android which includes a virtual mobile device that acts as a emulator to run apps and games on your PC. In simple words you can assume that it is kind of virtual device which allows user to develop, prototype and test Android applications without using a physical device. You can play Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Asphalt Xtreme, Super Mario Run, Dream League Soccer, and many other games by downloading it from Play Store using Leapdroid emulator on your Windows PC or Mac OS device.

As you all know that the simulation market of Android is already at its pinnacle and many software and emulators are available in the market to run android apps on big screens. One of the recently released best Android emulators was Nox App Player but now people are actually disliking this emulator because it does not support Pokemon Go app with its updated version. The Android Emulator soul purpose is to enhance the android experience by transfer the apps on bigger screen like on your PC screen and to satisfy this need the LeapDroid Emulator is the best option out there. If you are die hard fan of Xbox games and want to play it on PC, then you must try the Xbox 360 Emulator for Windows PC and Mac.



Features of LeapDroid Android Emulator

LeapDroid Emulator is the finest emulator available in the the market today and also its packs with some interesting features. The interface of Leapdroid is very user friendly and home screen looks very neat and clean. The installation procedure is very simple and painless if we compare to other android emulators.

1 ) Key mapper function is included.

2 ) For input purposes you can use the hardware mouse and keyboard.

3 ) Rich experience while moving around the user interface. Along with that the opening and closing of apps, games, the boot time is pretty fast.

4 ) As compared to other emulators, the booting & loading time is impressively faster.

5 ) Pinch to zoom functionality on the screen is available which enables user to play games like SimCity, Clash of clans more comfortably.

6 ) Compatibility rate of LeapDroid with android apps and games is 99%. You can download tons of applications from Google Play Store.

7 ) Quick booting and smooth interface.

8 ) Multi accounts support functionality is also present in LeapDroid through which user can play the same game with different accounts.


LeapDroid Emulator Review

The Leapdroid Emulator comes with the user interface Android KitKat, when you start using this emulator you will get the feeling that you are using Android KitKat version of Android on your personal computer. The navigation and buttons placement is similar to other android emulators. But you have to wait patiently to get familiar this Android emulator and it does take some time to settle down. Once you get used to LeapDroid Emulator you will definitely going to love this and use it on your PC or laptop.

Many exciting and hidden feature are also packs with LeapDroid Emulator, that you will find out when you start using it. Apart from that the navigation is quite simple and overall user experience is excellent. The keyboard controls of this emulator is far better when compare to Nox App or Bluestacks Emulator. According to our point of view the Leapdroid Android emulator for Windows 7,8,10 is a great Android Emulator and we would definitely give it the rating of 9/10.



How to Download Leapdroid on Windows PC

When you open the LeapDroid Emulator for the very first time, a screen will appears with splash followed by standard Android home screen.

On the right side of window you will find a toolbar with some buttons. These buttons are mainly to navigate to the standard home, recent apps. Apart from that back buttons and volume up/down buttons are also provided for the purpose of taking screen shots and easy installing of apk’s along with full screen button.


1 ) You can download the Leapdroid installer from its official website and the size of the file is roughly around 255 MB.

2 ) Now after downloading the installer file, Double click on it.

3 ) Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen once you start the installation process.

4 ) The app will be installed.

5 ) Once the emulator is installed you can continue with the opening and using of apps smoothly.

This emulator uses the User Interface of Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Once you installed the LeapDroid Emulator on your PC then start downloading the application and games of your choice  from the Google Play Store app which is pre-installed in this emulator. If you want to use the video calling app then download “Google Allo” on LeapDroid Emulator without any issues.

Finally after going through a depth research, we can say that LeapDroid is a great android emulator. All its functioning work well and also the uninstalling procedure is very simple and neat which you will not find in other competing emulators. The overall Experience would be comparatively bug-free keeping aside few hitches, and the performance of this emulator is relatively far better than we have expected.


8 Best Android Emulators for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac!


What is an Android Emulator for PC?

Before jump on to the list of best Android Emulators for Windows and Mac, lets first try to understand the process of Emulation and its utilities. Emulation is the main process with respect to computers to replicate and imitate the Android games and applications on PC, Laptop running on Windows and Mac operating system. This Emulators  supports both Windows and Mac operating system, but specifically if we talk about Windows OS the android emulators are generally made for the Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. If you want to emulate the Xbox 360 games on your PC then you need to install Xbox 360 Emulator.

Those who loves to play Android Games and use application on bigger screen then you can use Android Emulator to enhance the enjoyment and experience the digital universe. Currently there are many source are available on the internet from which you can download and install tons of Android application and games on your PC and laptops using these Android Emulators.


How Does an Android Emulator for PC or App Player Work?

The Android Emulator basically gives an environment to the android application through which it will able to run on Windows and Mac Computers/Laptops. You will not able to run Android application and games if you will not install the Android Emulator on your Mac or Windows Systems. Once you install the Emulator on your PC you will able to download all android apps available in Google Play Store without any issues.

Best Android Emulators!

As we already mentioned above that currently there are lot of sources on the internet through which you can download varieties of Android Emulator for PC system and because of that many users are in confusion on choosing the right Android Emulator.

So here we are providing you the list of best Emulator which are available in the market that you can installed on your computer through which you can enjoy apps and games of android on large screen. Choosing right Android Emulator is very important because if you choose the wrong one it may slow down your PC and also affect the performance of android applications. Here is the List of top 10  best Android emulators for PC !


Top 10 Best Android Emulators for Windows 7, 8, 10

1 ) Bluestacks

2 ) Nox App Player

3 ) LeapDroid

4 ) Andyroid

5 ) Memu

6 ) GenyMotion

7 ) Droid4X

8 ) WindRoy


1) Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the most popular Android Emulators and doesn’t even need any introduction and whenever we talked about emulator the first name that comes in our mind is the Bluestacks app player. Bluestacks can easily able to run android apps and games on Windows and Mac PC without any issues.

Bluestacks uses an unique technology which is known as “LayerCake” which enables the Android applications to run smoothly on PC without any external Virtual Desktop Application. With the help of this technology the virtual copy of Android application is created on the guest OS. Once you this emulator you will bale to enjoy games and apps likes Facebook and other social networks on big screen. You can download Bluestacks app player from its official website for free and also you can buy its premium version if you want more features.


Bluestacks App Player Download Link : Click Here



2) Nox App Player

The Nox App Player is consider as an substitute if you don’t want to install Bluestack Emulator. It is very popular among users specially the audience who loves to play android games. Nox app Player is the best android Emulator available in the market if you are a gamer as the add-on features and utilities pack with this emulator allows user to play and control games with the help of keyboard and mouse. This emulator is very stable and reliable compare to other emulators out there. Also this emulator is available for free of cost.



3) Leapdroid

LeapDroid is an excellent option and one of the newer substitutes available in the market to the preexisting ones. It uses the capability of virtual machine to run Android application on your computers and laptops. The tweaks and optimization of this emulator makes it one of the sleeker option in the list. The gaming benchmarks on this emulator is impressive and also it runs smoothly and boots quickly compare to other emulators. The development team of LeapDroid is very active and therefore this emulator supports over 98% of android applications.


LeapDroid Download Link : Click Here



4) Andyroid

Andydroid is also among the popular android emulators. The unique feature of controlling the android application on PC screen with your smartphone is first came in Andyroid and then it was available in other emulators too. Andyroid impressed lots of users in a short period of time due to its good market share, reliability and unique features. The best feature of this emulator is that you can able to download application directly from desktop browsers.

In order to install the Andyroid  Emultor on your computer first you need to install the Virtual box.  This emulator was designed mainly with gamers as the target audience.


Andyroid Download Link : Click here



5) Memu Play Android Emulator

If you want to experience the best of Android on Windows PC then memu Play Android Emultor is advisable to download because it provides great performance. This emulator is developed and marketed by Microvirt Co. Ltd and in near future this will reach greater heights because of its excellent performance other special features. There will be no compatibility issues with Memu Play Android Emulator because it supports multiple hardware configurations. This is the best alternative for productivity and gaming.


Memu Emulator Download Link : Click here



6) GenyMotion App Player

Genemotion App Player is consider as the best Android Emulator available to download for both Windows and Mac PC.  This emulator is very popular for developing and testing the applications and that’s why it is called apt platform. If you are using GenyMotion app player then you won’t be facing any glitches or frame drops while running android applications or games. In order to download, you need to signup and register an account by using your e-mail and then confirm it for so that you receive the download links and get this apps on your personal computer.


GenyMotion Download Link : Click here 



7) Droid4X

The next android emulator on the list is Droid4X which is quite an interesting alternative because it gives the same performance and productivity as other android emulator that we have seen earlier. The developer of this emulator provides continuous upgrades with better improvements and bug fixes and along with that the interesting feature of it would be the add-ons. The Droid4X is available to download on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. On this machines it run as a guest operating systems.


Droid4X Download Link : Click here



8) Windroy Emulator

Windroy Emulator is consider as the unique Android emulator among all the emulators that we have discuss previously. This Emulator is called unique because it completely runs using the Windows Kernel and does not require any external virtual box support like other android emulators say Blusetacks. It is very light-weight and easy to use which makes it perfect for the productive work. One thing that you must keep in mind that the directory path where you want to install the Windroy Emulator must not contain any spaces.


Windroy Download Link : Click here



Psiphon Pro APK Download for Android – Install Psiphon Mod APK Latest Version!


Psiphon Pro APK

Now a days you can see many people talking about an app called  Psiphon Pro APK. We know that you might wondering  what that might be? It is a kind of internet tool which is made for facilitate the internet usage to access websites and other different services which are either blocked or not accessible. If you device is rooted already then you can manage this app easily by using Root Explorer.

Psiphon Pro APK is formed as a deceptive tool to pass through the filters of government intervention on restricted use of Internet or on public websites. The concept of Psiphon Pro APK is originally developed at the University of Toronto. It is made from the combination of technologies and secure codes and therefore it is consider as the highly authentic and secured application.

People often faced issues like slow internet connectivity when pop up ads are displaying on a particular website or a video streaming sites that are censored or blocked. Psiphon Pro APK is a tool which allows user to access these blocked website and videos by paying subscription fee  for the Psiphon network to take maximum advantage of the internet from any location around the world.



Psiphon Pro APK Download

In order to download this app you can pay the subscription fee through Google Play Store and start using this awesome tool for free browsing. It can easily supported and installed to every mobile device having Android OS and Windows PC through which you can set-up private connections for your friend circle in countries where internet access is blocked or restricted by the local government.

This application is developed for the users living in countries where government intervention is very high on Internet censorship and other internet related services. But before we move ahead on the procedure of downloading of Psiphon Pro APK, let’s see how this app works and its understand its unique features.


Features of Psiphon Pro APK

Psiphon app has been built on the platform having combination of technology that using the latest VPN, SSH and HTTP proxy by which all the users on the internet connected online by mobile-friendly application software. In the below given list we have provided you the best features available in Psiphon Pro APK that keeps you hooked when you connect with internet on your Android Mobile device.

1 ) This app allows users to select  protocols and technologies automatically that work to make easier, useful and reliable circumvention.

2 ) User can also track and analyze the usage traffic in-lieu off the app stats tracking.

3 ) Psiphon is made up of 3 open source software projects:

a) X- A cloud-based runtime tunneling system

b) X- A cloud-based secure proxy system

c ) X- Original server software

So folks, these are some of the useful and basic features of Psiphone Pro APK. You can download the APK file of Psiphon Pro directly from the Google Play Store or from the app itself.  If you want to access the premium features of Psiphon app then unlock all its pro feature by using AppVn APk and TuTuApp.Vip.



How to Download Psiphon Pro Mod ApK’

In order to download and install the Psiphon Pro APK, you need to follow some important steps so that the application will run smoothly on your mobile device.  So here you go!

1  ) In order to install third party applications, first you need to enable the “Unknown Resources” option in setting menu of your android device.

2 ) Follow this path Settings>Security and then enable “Unknown Sources” option available in your android device.

3 ) You can download the Psiphone Pro APK directly from the Google Play Store.

4 ) Hit the install button on the Psiphone Pro APK link and file download starts immediately into your device. After completion of download, tap on the APK file to install it.

5 ) Once the installation completes you will able to see the icon of app on the home screen. Tap on it and you are all set to use Psiphone Pro APK and start setting up private connections.

Psiphon has been awarded by The Economist – Best New Media Award by Index on Censorship. So Download the most trusted and authentic app which is available in Google Play Store by the name Psiphon Pro on your Android devices and access all blocked websites and censored content on the internet for free!


Mafia 3 APK Data & OBB – Download Mafia III Android Game


Mafia 3 APK

If you are a hardcore Android gamer and loves to play action games then you must try Mafia 3 APK as it is one of the best android game available till date. However, you must be patient while understanding and habituate with the game dynamics which is applicable to other games also. Mafia III is now very popular and became a mains stream game among payers.

To enhance the over all experience of the game, the developers of Mafia III:Rivals designed a new RPG set for battling in the violent and gritty universe. This game also gives the capability to customize your favorite characters by dressing them with vehicles, weapons and start claiming over businesses.



As the game forwards your power gradually increases through which you will able to control all the activities happening in the cities and then you will became the leader of the underworld. In Mafia III: Rivals, the loot points also comes in the looser along with winner equally. This games also resolved some of the issues such as crew bugs, battle freezing, counter moves which have been reported in the earlier version.

Mafia 3 game series is officially launched for the gaming platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox users but will able to play this game on your Android device through downloading Mafia 3 APK from here.


Nameof the App : Mafia III: Rivals APK

APP Size: 162MB

Android Version: 4.0.3 and above

Android Game Developer of Mafia 3 : 2K, Inc.



Features of Mafia III – Rivals

1 ) You can start marshaling towards your assets by frighten the Bordeaux legal undercover via Mafia 3 Android.

 2 ) In the Mafia Android game you can able to own the city by sponsoring upto 40 crime companies so that it helps you to occupy all their local business.

 3) You can easily create the mass killing strategy for family of gangs in the fresh bordeaux.

 4) With the new RPG setup, the battle and face-offs between the Mafia gangs becomes more brutal as compare to previous versions. One can easily collect the loot bonus produce through this conflicts from the bordeaux town.

 5 )  Also through Online multiplayer feature you can start fighting and playing with other players sitting around the world and enhancing your game techniques in the tactical battle on the basis of – how to fight, offense and kill people.

6 ) You can also change the outfit of the character with brass knucks, pistols, blades, armor and many age-friendly automobiles which can improve your killing techniques and other statistics.

7 ) For the updation of the team different methodologies can be adopted in Mafia 3 gaming series through which you will get extra bonus in terms of violence and money.

8 )  Through its great online feature, you can add your friends in the leader board ans start competing by playing Mafia III Android game.



Download Mafia 3 APK Data + OBB File

 If you want to play Mafia II : Rivals on your Android device then all you need to do is to download the APK file along with OBB data and place it in your android smartphone or tablet. If you people don’t know about OBB file, Don’t worry ! we will explain it, OBB file is that file which  is created by developers to support the original application as a part of the APK package.

This file consist of data asset in bundles which contains many graphic intense media and image which could not be include in the APK file. So in order to run Mafia III game on Android device, you must have to download APK file+OBB data. Follow the steps given below to download APK file :

1 ) Click here to download the APK file of Mafia 3.

2 ) Now, from this link download the required OBB file which is essential to run the game and place the OBB folder in the right location.

3 ) Pull the Notification bar in your device and tap on the download folder. Once you open the folder Start installing the Mafia III APK file on your Android smartphone or tablet device.

4 ) Wait patiently till the installing process completes and then navigate to the OBB folder. Extract the files of OBB folder via any software in your device and start playing Mafia 3 game hassle-free.

So this is the procedure that you need to follow in order to play Mafia 3 game on Android device without any issues. If you want this game to play on PC, then you must try installing Xbox 360 Emulator through which you can play any game on your Windows PC.

If you face any issue in between the installing procedure of Mafia 3 game, then comment your issue or query in the comment section below. so that we can approach you further to help.



NBA 2K17 APK Data & OBB Download for Android & iOS!



The Developer of NBA 2K game series “Visual Concepts”  after receiving overwhelming response from NBA 2K16 game are now coming up with its latest installment NBA 2K17. The release date for NBA 2k17 was 20th September 2016. This video game is comes under the sports genre and based on basketball simulation developed for all the NBA fans present around the world. NBA 2K17 is the 18 edition in NBA gaming series.



You people already know that NBA 2K17 video game is officially available to download or purchase only for gaming  consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows PC. Android and iOS user cannot get this game as it is not available on Google Play Store or  on Apple iTunes Store. In order to download play NBA 2K17 game on Mobile devices having operating systems like Android and iOS, you need to download the NBA 2k17 APK Data and OBB file to run this game on your device without any problems.

If NBA 2K17 game receives any updates in future  then we will let you know, but for the time being you can download APK data and OBB file for NBA 2k17 from this article. People who loves to play football game must try the Pro Evolution Soccer video game for which you need to download PES 2017 APK + Data + OBB on your android smartphone or tablet.


NBA 2k17 APK Download for Android

You can easily download and install NBA 2K17 game on your Android or iOD device by following the quick guide that we have included in this post. Before that you must have the proper knowledge of its gameplay features so that you can able to learn all basics before start playing NBA 2K17. Read the list of features which comes with NBA 2K17 APK Android. 

1 ) As this game is the latest installment in its series franchise, the historical players are overhaul with new gameplay techniques.

2 ) This year each team in NBA 2k17 has packed with new uniforms and that’s why everyone will experience unique epicness of basketball gaming.

3 ) More teams are now added in “MyCareer” menu when compare to previous versions of NBA gaming series. This implies that newly added teams are now a part of MyCareer mode.

4 ) Through MyCareer Mode, you can control and Manage all your team alternatively.

5 ) The Euro League is also expanded with addition of many teams with much more players.

6 ) Once you start playing NBA 2K17, you will explore much more hidden features.

7 ) You can also customize your dream team by Downloading Android version of NBA 2K17 today !

So these are some of the highlighting features of NBA 2K17 game that you  can play on Android Devices by downloading its APK data and OBB file. Now let’s see how to perform this procedure in simplest way.



Download NBA 2K17 APK Data + OBB on Android

If you want to download the NBA 2K17 game on your Android device then read the given installation guide and follow them correctly in order to run NBA 2K17 on android smartphone or tablets.

1 ) Initially , Click here to download APK file NBA 2K17.

2 ) Now the next step that you need to do is to download the OBB file from here.

3 ) Start the Installation process of NBA 2K17 APK file and wait patiently till the installation process completes.

4 ) Once the APK installed, open the OBB folder and extract the OBB files into your android device and now you are all set to play NBA 2K17 without any issues.

If you want to play NBA 2K17 on PC then you can try Xenia Emulator which has the ability to emulate Xbox 360 games on PC having Windows operating Systems.