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Root Explorer APK 4.0.2 – Download Latest Version for Android


Root Explorer APK

For Rooted Android devices, Root Explorer APK is consider to be the one of  best and finest file managers available in the market. We often see people struggling to manage their files, app and games in their rooted android device, so the one stop solution for all your problems is to Download and Install Root Explorer APK through which you can easily control and manage your games, files, apps etc on your Rooted Android device. The latest version which is available to download Root Explorer APK is 4.0.2.

Many people ask this question that is there any other file manager available to download instead of Root Explorer ? The answer is Yes ! there are many file managing apps available to download for rooted android device like 360 Root APK, but the simplicity and user experience of Root Explorer is the best among all. This is not our opinion but all millions of Android users who are using Root Explorer on their rooted android Device. The best thing about this app is that you will get updates every month with new features and bug fixes. So get ready to install Root Explore APk on your Android smartphone.

But before you go ahead and download Root Explorer, you must know its important and unique features so that you can use this application effectively without any issue and utilize its full potential. In Rooted Android smartphone, people might get confused in trying new things and it might risk or brick your device. So in order to use it safely you must know the features of Root Explorer app before you install it on your android device.

Features of Root Explorer 4.0.2 APK

When you start comparing Root Explorer APK with other application that are available in Google Play Store then you will get to know that no app will stand in front of Root Explorer in terms of Performance and its efficient features. So here we will give you a list of prominent features which are available in Root Explorer App.

1 ) Menu Bar of this app is very simple and user friendly. This includes sub menus like search button, bookmarks, new folder, preferences, about and EXIT app. The overall design and feel of this app is quite amazing and new android users can also use it very easily.

2 ) Root Explorer also comes with tab options which includes the functionality of Google Drive, Dropbox, Text Editor, zip files create and extraction etc. so that you can open them in different tab just like our web browsers.

3 ) With this app you can get access to all  hidden files and folders which are kept secret in your Android device for security purpose. For example: purchase policies , app download details, game download details etc.

4 ) Apart from that this app also supports SQLite Database viewer and this feature is hardly present in any other app available on Google Play Store.

5 ) Sharing files through Bluetooth and email is very convenient through Root Explorer app, as it provides the option to selection all files at once. The same works when you try to remount files.

6 ) The latest and new version of Root Explorer 4.0.2 APK now supports PHH Superuser and Magisk v6 which is also an additional feature to increase its efficiency.

7 ) The newly updated version of Root Explorer is now fully supported on Android 7.0 Nougat and you can easily install it on device running on android version 7.0.


Minimum Requirements to Download Root Explorer APK

1 ) In order to install Root Explorer app, your device must be running on android OS version from 2.2 to the latest 7.0 Nougat. If your device is running between these version, then you can easily install the app.

2 ) Before downloading Root Explorer, make sure that your device must contain minimum free storage of 10-50 MB in the internal storage. 

3 ) While installing the Root Explorer app on Rooted android device, keep your device on charging as it might drain your battery and brick your device if your device turn off during installation process.

These are some of the point that you must follow before downloading Root Explorer app on your android device. Now let’s have a loo on quick guide to download and install Root Explorer APK on device running on Android OS.



Root Explorer APK Download

In order to download the APK file of Root Explorer on your android smartphone or tablet, you need to follow the below given steps :

1 ) First of all you need to change some setting in your Android device before downloading Root Explorer APK file.

2 ) Now, navigate to the device settings from notification area, then go to the securities and you will see an option of “Unknown Resources”, enable this option by tap on the checkbox. This step is important because you cannot install third party apps on your android device because Google restricts those application which are not available in Play Store and to run those applications you have enable the “Unknown Resources” option.

3 ) Next step is to turn on the internet connection and Download Root Explorer APK form here.

4 ) Wait until the download process completes. In order to install the APK, go the Fil manager and Tap on the APK file to start the installation process.

5 ) Once the installation of Root Explorer complete. Open the app and now you can easily manages all your apps, files, games etc without any confusion.

Until now you only came to know about the features and Download guide of Root Explorer but there is something special about this app that we are going to show you, which will definitely surprise you ! Just Read the article below and you will understand what we are trying to say !



 1 ) Start the Root Explorer app and Open the Data folder. In this folder you will see an second data Folder, tap on it to open.

2 ) Now. find that game in the folder which you want to hack and Select that game by long press on it, then move towards shared_prefs. 

3 ) Navigate to the XML file of the game which is for example : temple-run.XML 

4 ) Now look carefully the source code present in the XML file, you may find codes such as <int name=”coins” value =”120″ />. Now replace that 120 number with any number, say 99988384 and tap on the Save button.

5 ) On saving the code, restart the game and you will now see that you have already got 99988384 coins in your temple run game.

This is all information regarding Root Explorer APK in which we explain you its detailed features and Step by Step guide on how to install the Root Explorer APK file. Along with that we also tells you the hidden feature of Hacking a game from this app, through which you can increase gold coins in a particular game.

If you have any doubts or facing any issues related to this topic, just comment your question in the comment box given below !

Battlefield 1 APK Download – Battlefield 1 Companion App for Android


Battlefield 1 APK

Battlefield 1 is published and distributed by Electronic Arts, and it is fifteenth edition in the Battlefield gaming series which is based on the theme of World War I. This game is having “1” as a suffix which implies that this game is first person version and the game plot is based on shooting and action methodology. So in this article we will provide you the direct links to download the APK file of Battlefield 1.

Unlike the previous installments of Battlefield gaming series, the Battlefield 1 is very advanced and prominent game in its category and this game possess the largest and extensive setup when compare it to the other action/ shooting games. In this game the player will appear in different persons according to history and war patterns and along with that the player will experience war in different countries like France, Italy, Arabia and many more.

The game is packed with heavy weapons as the gaming plot is based on war theme, weapons and artillery such as   mustard gas, rifles ,flamethrowers, heavy artillery,semi-automatic machinery etc. Apart from that player can grab heavy armored vehicles including cars, biplanes to ride in the war arena. In order to unlock all weapons and gadgets in the game you can download and install SB Game Hacker Tool.



Battlefield 1 Companion App APK Download

Battlefield 1 has already creating records since its launch on the google Play Store in terms of downloads and ratings. The multiplayer capability of this is extremely vast as it supports around 64 players which makes a great squad system.  The games  allows the player to leave and enter into the game simultaneously without ant interruption and availability of map of the user is located all over the world. This game includes various geographical area which contains 9 Maps and total 6 different modes.

Name of the App : Battlefield 1 APK

Application Size: Compressed Size is in progress.

Developer of Battlefield 1 : EA DICE


Features of Battlefield 1 APK:

1 ) The adventure and thrill in Battlefield 1 Android takes you all over the world which includes exciting campaigns and this feature you will not able to see in other games. Geographical location like Italian Alps, the Western Front etc are included in battle 1 game.

2 ) Player System in Battlefield 1 Mobile game is very vast because you can gangs up with 64 players in a single squad to fight the enemies. Single Player mode is as exciting as multiplayer mode. For this you have to download the Battlefield 1  Companion app.

3 ) As Battlefield 1 Mobile game includes 6 different mode with extensive maps therefore battles and war can take place on surface like ground, air and sea.

4 )  This year edition of Battlefield 1 game includes new squad system through which players can jump between serves and switch between currently running game.

5) Total eight distinct classes are included in the multiplayer system of Battlefield  1, namely Assault, Medic, Support, Scout, Tanker, Pilot, Cavalry and Elite. Player can choose the group according to their choice and the capabilities fo all these groups are different from one another.

6 ) Like other action games, this game also includes factors like environmental destructibility through which user can control the map with the help of battleship of Royal Navy.

7 ) As this game is based on the World War I, so you will get to see vehicles like heavy tanks, biplanes, horses, naval vessels, motorcycles, Zeppelins etc.

One more interesting thing is that the Battlefield 1 Beta which is going to be released later in this year and if you register yourself as an Insider then you might get earlier pass on the official website.



Download Battlefield 1 APK:

The game is officially launched on October 21st for the gaming platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but not released officially for Android devices. So if you want to play Battlefield 1 on your Android device then you need to download the  setup file along with Battlefield 1 APK Data + OBB files. The OBB file of the game contains graphic and images in the form of encrypted data which helps to run the game on Android operating system. You have to follow given below steps to install Battlefield 1 on mobile :

1 ) Download the setup file of Battlefield 1 APK game from the internet.

2 ) Now, download the required OBB Data file of Battlefield 1 which is required to install the interface.

3 ) Navigate to your toot folder and search for the APK file of Battlefield 1 that you have downloaded earlier. Tap on the APK file and  install it on your device. Wait for while until the installation process is completely done.

4 ) After completion of the above step , extract the OBB Data file and place the files in specified folder  through file manager.Now start the game from app drawer and start experiencing the World War I universe again. One can also get hold of the Battlefield 1 APK Deluxe version.

This all about the quick guide on how to download and install Battlefield 1 on Android Device. So what are you waiting for, download it and Start playing Battlefield 1 Today. If you face any issue during the installation process then let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more !


YouTube Go App Download – Beta Version Released for Android


YouTube Go App

YouTube Go Beta version is now officially available to download directly  from the Google Play Store on Android devices. YouTube Go is similar to Official YouTube app but only unique thing is that in this app you can watch and share the videos Offline or you can say without any internet connection.

YouTube Go app is officially launches by the Google in an event which was held on 27th September 2016. So Guys ! Get ready to experience the YouTube app in a better way. This app packed with many unique features which you people definitely going to like it. For the time being, this app is only available in India. Google has not announced yet to launch YouTube Go app in other countries.

The main aim of YouTube Go app is to provide the availability of videos when their is no or Low internet connectivity. As in countries like India , the internet speed is very slow in majority of places and due to that people are not able to watch the videos. On the other hand with the Starting of 4G LTE service of Reliance Jio in India, the average connectivity speed is increase but not that much to overcome this problem of buffering videos. Therefore, the YouTube Go app launch in India with perfect tagline of “Mazze Udao, Data Nahin! to provide better experience of watching videos where data connectivity is still on 2G Network.

To develop this app, Google’s Team initially traveled all over the place in India to get rich experience about Indian users and their requirements about YouTube. Along with that they have made several prototypes to test the application according to their desire. After all this surveys and iterations, Google finally developed a unique and feature packed app called YouTube GO app for YouTube Lovers in India. This app becomes a boon for all Indian as it can able to run smoothly all YouTube videos at Offline mode and provides the facility to share that video. YouTube Go app is able to play any video of your desire at High definition on networks like 2G, 3G or 4G Network.

Before you thought about downloading the YouTube Go app on your android device, let’s talk about the unique features of YouTube GO app.


Astounding Features of YouTube Go App

1 ) Everything is on YouTube Go App Home Screen !

YouTube Go displays all videos on the home screen itself and it doesn’t depend on the video category that you want to watch. It shows sections of videos from Most Trending to most watched which creates better user interface. You can easily gone through this section and you never miss interesting and exciting videos.

2 ) Data Spending is in your Hands!

We all know that YouTube app consumes a lot of internet data when we watch any videos and this is not because of the YouTube app but because of the high resolution videos that you are streaming at that time. This problem can solve by using YouTube Go app app as it controls the internet data consumption by changing video quality of a particular video and you can save that video offline in the app itself and watch it later.


3) Not Sure What to Watch? Preview It!

Many times people are in a confusion to watch a particular video as they are afraid that it might consume their internet data if the video is not good. This problem can be resolved by downloading YouTube Go app through which you can preview a particular video by tapping on the thumbnail, it gives a brief and rough idea about the content and quality of that video and then you can decide whether to watch it or not! Just skip that video if you aare satisfy with the content as it will saves the internet data and time of your’s.

4) Share Videos with your Loves Ones!

With the original YouTube app have you ever try to share videos with your friends or family members, we Know that your answer would be no because to do that you must have your YouTube channel name. But in the case of YouTube Go app you can easily share any videos with your friends within a limited range without any internet connectivity, isn’t great ? Yes, You heard that right, share videos from YouTube Go app with the help of Bluetooth with your loved ones. This makes the app very cool and unique.

There are some of the exciting and unique features of YouTube Go Offline streaming app. Now, we know that you are so much excited to download this application your device, So without any further delay let’s have a look on some of the important steps that you need to follow to get YouTube Go app on your android device.


YouTube Go App Download

This app is not officially launched by Google in the Play Store and for downloading this app you need to wait for a couple of months. For the time being you can register to this link by entering your 10 digit mobile number so that you will get notified when this app is available for download on Google Play Store.

Once you complete the above step, you will see a pop-up message “Thank You for Signing Up, we will notify you when YouTube Go is available.”

Thi sis the overall procedure to download YouTube Go app and there is no official news from Google regarding the availability of this app on iOS device or on other Operating systems. YouTube Go app will be available soon in India but the release date is not  mentioned yet. So, Just wait and watch for further news regarding YouTube Go app !


Quick facts about YouTube Go App.

1) The decision to launch the YouTube Go app was announced at Google Event in Delhi. “In an increasingly mobile-first world, India gives us early insights into the future of the Internet,” said Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.” “Moreover, we learned the issues Indians may have with connectivity and data constraints can be universal.”So the intentions are quite clear from the CEO of Google that they want to explore the unknown places of India to the internet world.

2)  Before YouTube Go App, Google launched, YouTube Smart offline platform to make sure that the videos are saved offline and you can watch them offline at any time without any worry of data plans! Saving videos overnight saves lots of data and you also get an option to select the resolution of the video so that you don’t exhaust the data plan. But seems like this wasn’t enough to reach more people in India and YouTube Go took a birth now!

To get more news and latest updates regarding YouTube Go app, Stay tuned to our blog and if you have any queries or doubts, post your questions and thoughts on YouTube GO in the comment section below.

AppVn APK Download for Android – Install Paid Apps for FREE!



Hey Guys ! today we are here to explain the topic on how to download and Install Paid application for free using AppVn APK on Android devices. AppVn Store is one stop solution for you to download paid apps, Games and e-book without spending a single penny. You can also try TuTuApp which is also use to download paid apps at free of cost.

Today, our world is totally driven by technology advancement and it is impossible for everyone to live without tech gadgets like smartphone. It is now consider as necessity rather than luxury. Most people who loves to play with electronic gadget like Android phone are not comfortable in installing applications that provides you the access to download paid apps for free which are not available officially on Google Play Store.



From the above mention statement, people would surprised to know that now there are many application which are available in both Google Play Store and App Store through which you can get paid apps for free or without any cost. Apart from that there are many third party application that can run smoothly on Android as well as Windows OS and AppVn Store is the app that can be downloaded from App store to download the android application which are permanently removed from the Google play Store.

AppVn store provides you the ability to download not only the major apps and games but also the entertainment accessories like ringtones, comics etc without spending any money. Due to its reliability many app developers are now tie up with this kind of Store to provide varieties of application to the end user. Download Freedom App which functions in a similar way as AppVn works.


AppVn APK Download

Due to the Flexibility and reliability of AppVn app, various developers find it beneficial to promote their application via AppVn APK. 

Promoting of new applications which are not yet available in official Google Play Store is just simply amazing, as you can get hands on the new apps before its official launch in Play Store. How cool is that, isn’t it ? You can download tons of apps and games of your choice with the help of AppVn Store. So now in order to download apps like e-books, games, ringtones etc. we will provide you the step by step guide on how to download AppVn APK on Android device without any problems.



Install AppVn Store on Android Devices using AppVn Apk File

As you already know from the above given info. that you can not download the AppVn app directly from Google Play Store or from Windows Store, instead of that you need to download the file externally and place it in your device running on Android OS.

One important thing you need to keep in mind that AppVn app consumes lots of space on the disk and that’s why you must have sufficient storage in your android device to install AppVn app smoothly.

1 ) To install third party application or some other external file on android device, you have to enable the option of Unknown Resources in the device setting. Navigate to Settings>Security>Unknown sources and verify the app on your phone’s device.

2) Next step is to Download the Latest version of  AppVn APK either on your PC or directly into the smartphone through mobile browser like chrome.

 3 ) Place it in your device root folder and then Install the AppVn APK File. Wait patiently until the application  is properly installed.

4 ) Now open the AppVn Store from the app drawer and Start downloading paid apps for free !

AppVn Store is a very beneficial app for those who loves to play with electronic gadgets like android sartphones and wants tons and tons of customization in their devices as you can download free HD wallpapers, ringtones and games without any cost from the AppVn Store.



Pokemon Go Launch in India – Niantic Partners with Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio Pokemon Go Launched in India

As you all know the Pokemon GO is very popular and most trending game through out the world in the year 2016. But the sad thing was that in India and in some other countries Pokemon Go was banned after the few days of its launched. The game was restricted and unable to download from Play Store in various countries. Craze of the Pokemon GO which was started in July 2016 has now finally come to India and all set to download from the official Play Store.

All this is possible due to the collaboration between the Reliance Jio and Niantic Inc. the developer of Pokemon Go which is an Augmented Reality Game. Indian users will now able to download the Pokemon Go app from 14th December 2016. The game is release for android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

As now the Reliance Jio Pokemon Go join hands with the developers of the Pokemon GO, the digital store of Reliance such as Reliance Trends will now become the “Gym” and “Poke Stop” for the users playing Pokemon Go in India. Earlier Niantic.Inc, developer of Pokemon Go app makes similar alliance with McDonald’s in Japan and now they follow the same strategy in India with the help of Reliance Jio.



Jio Pokemon Go

On the Launch event of Pokemon GO app in India, John Hanke; the Founder and CEO of Niantic. Inc share his thoughts by saying that they are extremely overwhelmed and delighted with collaborating with Reliance Jio and launching Pokemon Go APK on Google Play Store for Indian users. Now the Indian Fans of Pokemon GO can explore their neighborhood through playing Pokemon Go and also experience the 4G LTE’s high speed of Reliance Jio, this allows the game working smoothly without any interruption and lag. 

With this Partnership, Reliance Jio introduce the Pokemon GO Channel in its social messaging app called Jio Chat, this will help the Pokemon GO players to communicate, groom, socialize and providing gaming tips and tricks about Pokemon with other players to enhance skills, training and catch more Pokemon in order to fight against each other.

Pokemon GO Channel provide a huge community to the Pokemon Players to share and communicate their special tips and tricks with other player and also organize special events and contest within it.



Pokemon Go Launched in India

Reliance Jio has confirmed that with its free internet data offer including New Year Package which will continue till the Month of March 2017, users can download the Pokemon Go from the Play Store without any data charge. The downloading will be free of cost and no data will be consume while downloading Pokemon Go app from Google Play Store.

On the other hand, the developer and publisher of Pokemon GO, Niantic.Inc will rolling out a brand new update for Pokemon Go app which includes 100 Ultra new Pokemon’s with addition to the most awaited feature of  Pokemon Trading option between the Players of Pokemon Go. This update also includes the feature of raising all the available Pokemon as soon as they hatched from eggs.

After the Launch of Pokemon Go app in the month of July , it has already at the top in all gaming charts and becomes the most trending game on both the platform of android and ios. Pokemon Go app ranked on top of the list in both Google Play Store and App Store. Pokemon Go success was at the peak and it is already surpasses the major apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and twitter in terms of usage.


Pokemon Go India Release Time

Reliance Jio Pokemon Go comes with a great boon for all the Pokemon Go fans in India as due to their partnership with Niantic. Inc, the players of India will now experience the Pokemon Universe at the palm of their hand. Mike Quigley, the co-founder of Niantic share his thoughts along with John Hanke regarding the availability of Pokemon. According to them, the Pokemon’s which is available in the Pokemon Go game is depend on the user location. For example, if a user is residing near the sea, he/she might came across the water type Pokemon.

As now the Reliance Jio Pokemon Go is released in India, there is still a doubt regarding the availability of rare Pokemon in the country. On the other hand Niantic. Inc is looking forward to organize different contest and events in all parts of the world in order to engage the players in Pokemon trading across the world of different regions. The game has also includes the Pokemon Gym for battling the Pokemon of same species through which users can challenge and earn reward points.



Pokemon Go Download India

In order to download the Jio Pokemon Go in India , you have to follow the below given steps to download it properly on your android smartphone.

1 ) Open the Google Play Store on your device and type Pokemon Go in Search bar to get results.

2 ) Now look over the search results and hit the download button on app called Pokemon Go developed by Niantic.

3 ) Once the downloads complete, Open the file from notification area and tap on it to install the Pokemon Go APK file.

4 ) Install the application by accepting all terms and condition.

5 )  After the installation completes, launch the application from the app drawer and start enjoying Pokemon Go in Indian boundaries.

So this is all essential information regarding Reliance Jio Pokemon Go Download that you must need to know before downloading and start playing the Pokemon Go in India. Due to this Partnership, Reliance Digital Store will now attracts more traffic on their stores and apps for to grab Pokemon of their choice in Poke-balls. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this article then post your comments in the comment section below.


Google Allo on PC – Download Allo on Windows 7,8,10 & Mac

Google Allo Download for PC

Hey Guys ! we are here again and this time we are going to explain the way through which you can download the Google Allo on your PC running on Windows and Mac OS. But before going ahead let’s first understand the Google Allo app and its features.

As from the name itself the Allo app is published and developed by Google with the aim of providing instant messaging service to users with features like google assistant, great smiley and emoji. This app packs tons of unique features that you can’t find on other third party messaging app.

With its launch, it is now consider as the most smartest and advanced messaging app available for android devices. The beta version of Allo is already available to download and this app first shown to the world in Google I/O conference 2015. On 22nd September 2016, google has officially launched the full version of Allo on android Play store. 

Google Allo PC comes up with a feature of smart reply, which helps the users to type the message according to one’s messaging pattern which can reduce the user’s typing frustration. The user interface and performance also very fast and quick. As soon as the message received by the user, Allo use its capability to deduce the entire reply. The APK size of Google Allo is very small (around 15.9 MB) which makes it very light and easy to install.

How Google Allo is Different from Other Apps?

This app uses the Google’s own technology of Artificial Intelligence. The feature of Smart reply kept this app way more ahead when compare to other messaging apps available in the market. Another feature called Google Allo Para PC which allows user to detect the text in the Images or Photos. If your friend is on a road trip and send you photos then Allo detects it and shows you the reply suggestions like ’amazing’, ‘have fun’ or similar others.

The Google Allo app also packed with other Google feature like Google Now. The Google Now can be activated at any time and you can also share the video links of YouTube, address search on Google Maps etc. It is the app that packs all the features of Google and therefore it makes different from the apps. This features can also be accessed while using group chats.

The Incognito mode feature is also include in Allo and its working is similar to the Incognito mode of Google Chrome browser. This modes helps user to erase all chats and messages for a fixed period of time. Apart from that any user can set a specific nickname of particular sender to avoid confusion. This app also provides great privacy feature by not showing the new messages in the Notification tray or in the lock screen. To get paid apps for free, you can download and install TuTuApp for devices running on iOS.


These are the features that comes with Google Allo and you can install this on your smartphone. But if you want to install Allo on Windows PC or Mac, then let’s have a look on the required steps that you have to follow for installing the Google Allo app on PC.

Amazing Features of Google Allo App for PC

1 ) Incognito mode allows user to hide the messages with end to end encryption and erase all the messages when you turn on this feature. You can back to normal mode by turning off this feature.

2 ) Automatic suggestions on what to reply when you receive message from other person based on type of communication, which is definitely a handy feature.

3) This app contains many creative Stickers to make conversation even more fun and realistic.

4 ) The best feature is the Google Assistant which makes every thing easier in this app.

5 ) Great privacy as no pop-ups or notification arrives in the notification tray or in the lock screen when new message arrives. This is something new, Isn’t it.


How to Download Google Allo for PC (Mac & Windows)

To install Google Allo on PC, the most important thing that you have to do is to install the Android Emulator any of your choice, This emulator enables the Android APK to run on PC ( whether it is running on Windows or iOS). Some pf the Emulator that you can download are LeapDroid, Nox App Player, Bluestacks etc.

1 ) Click Here to download the Android Emulator of your choice.

2 ) Open the download file and install it. Time for installation depends upon the machine speed. Don’t worry it it take s time. Be Patient!

3 ) Now once you open the Emulator, it will ask you the login details. Mostly you have to enter your Gmail login details.

4 ) After completion of the above step, open the Play Store available in Emulator and search in it for Google Allo app and download it.

5 ) Install the Allo app, and start using app from the icon visible on the home screen of the emulator or from the application drawer.

6 ) If you need instruction for using Google Allo, just go to the Google Play Store and read all the instruction regarding its features and functions.



Google Assistant in Allo vs Siri

Many users don’t know that Google Allo is available on both Android and iOS operating system, whereas the Siri is only available on iOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad. Google Assistant is far more mature and intelligent when compare to Siri. As the developer team of Google is more young and Innovative to make Allo use every feature of Google in best possible way. 

And when we talk about the developer team of Apple, it can’t even stand in front of Google because many team members of Apple has left the company to start their startups and that’s why they became slow in developing and producing new ideas.


You can try Google Allo by installing it on your device as it contains all the basic features that comes in popular messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whats app. Apart from that it also provides some unique features that you can only experience with Allo. This app is available on both Android and iPhone.


Magearna QR Code Not Working? [FIXED]

Magearna QR Code Not Working ?  Here’s How to Fix It!

Magearna QR Code added for countries such as Japan, USA, Australia and Europe. Those users who are currently in UK have to wait again for some time to get properly working Magearna QR code.

This QR code is available to only those users who are already completed the Pokemon Sun and Moon in countries like  USA, Hong Kong, Australia,  EU, UK, Philippines etc ! But many Pokemon trainers reports that Magearna QR code is not working, Don’t worry ! In this article we are going to explain the straight way how to fix Not working problem of Magearna QR Code.

Before we move ahead on the main subject, we want to inform you that recently the Pokemon company has released the latest Magearna event on its official website and it is available only for those trainers who are already accomplish the Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon Story. 

If you have no idea regarding what Magearna is all about, then you need to read the detailed article on Pokemon Magearna given below. Because you must know the logic and story plot before you start playing with this character. After that we will move further on our main topic on how to fix the problem of not working of Magearna QR code in countries like Philippines, Europe, USA, Austria, UK , Hong Kong etc !


About Magearna Pokemon

According to the Pokemon Universe the Magearna is said to be the mythical Pokemon which was created and existed on the planet almost 500 years ago ! This Pokemon is having very unique and special powers which differentiate it from other Pokemon characters. The healing power of Magearna is very helpful for other Pokemon, as it heals the pain of the Pokemon through feeling it from distance. If you have completed the Story plot fo both Pokemon Moon and Sun, then surely you are looking for the QR code of Magearna Pokemon. Well ! we are providing you the QR code images in the below para.

Apart from the above mention qualities of Magearna, it has the capability to turn itself from its original look  into the Pokeball shape. Moreover this Pokemon doesn’t need any sleep or rest and that is why it is the best Pokemon to make most advantage to help your other Pokemon through the QR code.

Below data shows  the special characteristics and power information of Magearna Pokemon!

Level: 50

Type : Steel/Fairy

Ability : Soul-Heart

Ball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

Moves: Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant & Helping Hand.

Held Item: Bottle Cap

This is all about the Pokemon Magearna. We hope now you have understand the qualities and power of this special Pokemon. Now let’s move further to our main discussion on how to fix the issue of not working of Magearna QR code.

How to Fix Magearna QR Code Not Working

Many users are already faced this issue by playing character games on Nintendo 3DS console. So, In order to fix the problem and make Magearna QR code working again , all you need is to follow the given procedure step by step.

Step 1 : In order to run the QR code, first thing you need is to complete the game by accomplish all the story level . many user start scanning Magearna QR code without finishing the story part completly. This is first main reason that it will stop working on your device.

Step 2 : But If you finishes the story already and still not able to scan the QR code then, follow the next step with instruction carefully.

Step 3 : Scanned again and if it shows the fail popup then close the menu X and restart it again.

step 4 : Now Scanned the QR given in the post given below. The QR code is different for countries depending on regions. Below given code is for NA users. To get QR code for other countries please scroll down and scan it properly.


Australia, Japan & Europe QR codes are given below.

For Europe Users Only


For Japan Users Only


For Australian Users, scan below code:



Step 5 : This are the above Magearna QR codes that will definitely works on your Nintendo 3DS, Once you scanned it. The issue is fixed and the issue regarding not working of Magearna QR code will not interrupt you again.

Step 6 : If you still get the message of failed or the screen hangs, then try the above given steps 2-3 times, it will surely start working. Also try to scan the code properly without any shakiness.


This is all about the detailed procedure that you need to follow in order to make working of Magearna QR code. If you still having any doubts or queries or facing other issues regarding this topic then put your comments in the comment section below. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest!