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Forecast+ is the Right Weather Widget for your Needs via iOS8

Android and Windows OS in mobile devices are known to have a lot of widgets, and they were the ones that started this out for people to have easier access to certain apps and commands when using phones.

Nowadays, iOS8 is starting to get this amazing feature to make our lives more convenient. The Notification Center in iOS8 is known to have some certain widgets that are truly useful, and one of these will be the weather widget that you will surely love.


To be honest, weather widgets for iOS is not that common yet, but it’s a good thing that there is an app that can help you with that. First, there’s the usual Weather app, and there’s the Yahoo! Weather app. Finally, there’s Forecast+ which is known to be a lot better than the previous two.

It’s a well known fact that phone users that Yahoo! Weather has amazing functions that you will love, but it’s quite slow on older models and there is a bad look on its interface once you check the widget. This is something that never fitted the looks of iOS8, and might look much better when using Android. Sadly, the Weather app is also known to have a horrible look. Gladly, Forecast+ is making it up for the sake of iOS8.

Forecast+ is truly changing the looks of weather widget for iOS, and it’s for good! This is known to be a simple weather widget that you can use with iOS8, and we do promise that it’s much better than the other two. The app of Forecast+ is not that much because it’s more focused on how the widget will work, and how you change the settings of it.

Foreact+ is located at the Notification Center of iOS8, and it integrates well. The various icons and layouts of the widget’s interface is known to be really amazing as it’s really meant for the system that iOS8 has. Weather details are provided by Apple’s OpenWeatherMap, and is directly integrated to Forecast+ to provide you better updated. The layout of the app can be fixed in order to provide information in a better way, and all you need to do is to set up the app itself. iOS8 users will really love to have this type of program in their phones.

If you ever want to learn more about the application, then all you need to do is to check out this link for more details. Rest assured that this will keep you updated with the weather anywhere you may go!

Tips on Controlling Netflix on your PS4 Using iPhone or iPad

Netflix is known to be the best way for you to legitimately stream the best movies, and it will be in HD. Take note that Netflix operates in a lot of  devices, but you need to pay up for its services.

If you have the PS4 and an Apple mobile device, we can teach you on how to use your device as a controller for your PS4 Netflix.


Lots of people are now favoring PS4 when it comes to their next generation consoles because of the best features that it has to offer, and it will really beat Xbox One without any doubt. PS4 has almost everything better than the other console such as a strong hardware design and quality, exclusive content that seems to be a lot, and with online subscriptions for more fun. It also has better graphics, and a whole lot more. This is truly amazing to consider, and will provide you Netflix as well if you love shows on the web.

Netflix is truly known to be the best there is for the sake of your entertainment needs, and you can finally get it on PS4 with your Apple mobile device. Netflix app for iPhone and iPad has a type of settings that looks like Chromecast, and lets you transfer various movies that you may love to watch on your PS4 via mobile device. Rest assured that you will be able to effectively stream all movies and shows that you love to watch, and is very convenient for various reasons.

This has very simple steps to do in order to get this working. All you need is to install Netflix on both your devices and PS4. Make sure that both devices are connected to one WiFi network for it to work. Start a show using your Netflix on your Apple device, along with the PS4 Netflix. On the iOS version, you will be able to see an icon with a screen and a WiFi like signal symbol on its bottom left, and this is located at the bottom right screen of your device. Use that button.

Once you do, your PS4 will start playing the show on your television. This is how you use your Netflix in a way where it’s like your DVD player – but with your mobile device as the remote. This also lets you conveniently use your Netflix for PS4 since the controller is not that advisable to use, and for you to still use your controller once you decided to play next.

Pandora Essentials Lets you Get Unlimited Skipping along with the Best Audio

There are some people who love Pandora thanks to the fact that it provides the perfect way to stream some music, and has a great quality for you to use as well.

However, this is hated by others due to the fact that it has a lot of ads, and so as limited song skipping. The Pandora Essentials is known to be good for removing these limited skipping and ad restrictions. This is a free app that we will provide to you.


Most people who want to listen to music really love Pandora than Spotify thanks to the features that it has. There is better search feature, some improved audio quality, and a good interface. Rest assured that finding music with Pandora will never be hard after all.

There are limits when it comes to this free app because it will never allow you to repeat some of your favorite songs, gives you limited skips per day, ads, and so as a ton of music that you will never be able to control even if you hate it. If you want to learn how to remove some ads and get unlimited skips right away, then check this out. But if you want to stick with us, then let’s begin using Pandora Essentails

This is known to be a jailbreak tweak for iOS that gives you unlimited song skipping, playback for music with repeat command for your favorite songs, constant audio buffering for smoother flow of entertainment. It also comes with a powerful audio quality of 192kbps, and guarantees you no delays if you switch between sings. Lastly, there will be no stopping when it comes to song playing even after the device is idle.

There are amazing features when it comes to Pandora Essentials. However, ad blocking is not implemented in this app. Pandora Essentials is truly known to be a tool that’s indeed meant for jailbroken phones, and expect that these are master commands. However, you should take note that there are strict deals from Pandora that involves copyright. So be sure to remember that anything that you do with this, it will affect the Pandora app itself.

The Pandora Essentials can be grabbed via BigBoss repo in Cydia. This means that you need to jailbreak your phone for you to get this one. This is known to be a good type of app that has its own settings for you to adjust as well.

Learn to Permanently Sort out Most Recent News Feeds on your Facebook App

News Feed on Facebook can be sorted out based on Top News and Most Recent posts by your friends and liked pages. The Most Recent sort is known to be hidden in the settings of Facebook, and this will just waste your time if you want to access it.

Gladly, there is a nice way for you to enable this once again in a very easy way with very easy steps for you to do on your mobile device.


A long time ago, before people became crazy over the web and pages are not that many yet, Facebook is known to have its News Feed sorted well based on the time right now. Therefore, you will see the latest post before checking out the older ones below as you scroll. This is very convenient for many people until the time when older people are starting to post tons of updated, pictures, and a whole lot more to share with their friends.

When that time came in, the News Feed became so annoying to others – to the point where they are getting pissed about other relatives posting too much. So Facebook decided to resolve this by letting you sort out News Feeds between Top and Most Recent to make things better. However, the Top News is a very random system that only the developers know well in terms of its own way of sorting it out (even though we don’t see other posts as important to us).

As time passes, the Most Recent was buried from the News Feed settings on the home page, and in to the very subcategory of your settings page. This is a very disappointing feature to some people although others got used to this new gimmick that the developers hade up. But for those who want to get this well detailed way of sorting out posts, then you can get a certain type of jailbreak tweak for that.

For those who know how to jailbreak iOS devices, this is a very easy thing to have. Recent Facebook can be downloaded via Cydia for free. Once you’re done with this procedure, all you need to do is to check your Facebook and see what will happen as the News Feed gets sorted out to reverse chronological order. This will never let you select the Most Recent posts ever again, and over and over again whenever you check out Facebook on your iPhone.

Take note that Recent Facebook is known to have a lot of bugs as of now, and this might annoy you. So make sure that you remember this before installing the tweak. But you can just email the developers if you want to get it fixed, and expect for more updated from this someday.

For those who just want to get back the Top News since you got used to it, all you need is to check out More, and go to Top Stories on the Feeds section. Or rather, you can go ahead and uninstall this if you don’t like the Most Recent anymore.

Nuntius is a Tweak that will Surely Give Quick Replies for What’s App!

The developers of WhatsApp is known to be really sluggish when it comes to providing new features for mobile apps. Take note that a lot have been waiting for a brand new way to do a quick reply on their notifications so that things will be a lot easier; same as what Messages can provide to iOS 8 nowadays.

Since we’re talking about iOS 8, we’re going to provide you a very useful tweak for WhatsApp that will really provide you the quick reply feature that you always needed.


Much like how Apples makes sure that new brands come out with a more powerful version of the same upgrade, they have decided to add it up on their iOS updates as well. At first, iOS 5 has released tons of new features such as the very helpful Notification Center, iMessage, syncing with iTunes via WiFi connection, and even the Camera + Photos app. iOS6 has some upgrades on those new features, while iOS 7 came out with Control Center, AirDrop, additional fixes, and of course additional multitasking capabilities. iOS8 polished all of those, and has widgets, new keyboards, and other developer tools for you to enjoy.

One of the most noticeable features that iOS8 has added up was adding up contextual options for notifications. Facebook Messenger became an easier app to use because you can reply or just mute the conversation by checking out your notification center. Sadly, there is no feature for WhatsApp when it comes to this matter.

iOS has a setting that will never allow developers to just go ahead and add up some quick reply commands for certain apps, and this is only available for iOS8 messages only. But you can successfully add one on your WhatsApp as long as you know how to jailbreak your iOS8 device.

This amazing jailbreak tweak is Nuntius, and this is set at open beta as of now. All you need to do is to add up the shared routine repo on your Cydia, and start searching for the Nuntius quick reply for WhatsApp. This is known to be a free app for you to use, but might have costs once beta is done. Expect this on bigtime repos in Cydia once it gets updated as well because this will surely become one of the most convenient tweaks that you can ever have.

Check out the October 16th Official Apple Event Video Stream, and It’s Live!

Apple is announcing that there will be an even for their products that needs upgrading on October 16, and expect that these are juicy news about the devices! All you need to do is to check out the live streaming video on the web.


This live stream is known to be something that they need to do in order to make up for the September 9th event that really caused a lowered reputation for Apple. There’s a loss of video and audio, and it has really frustrated its viewers. Take note that even Chinese translations suddenly came out of the show, and this was never resolved in a fast way. But it’s a good thing that Apple is starting to make up for what happened, and we do hope that this next video will be a lot better than the previous one.

There will be some updates about this live event, and you will be able to see those details at the live section of Apple’s website. Since you know well that Apple does its own agenda when it comes to their features, expect that you can only watch this when using iOS versions 6 and above, together with Safaro OS X 10.6 and above as well.

It’s a good thing that there are some tutorials that will teach you on how to check out Apple live streaming events via Windows and other browsers, and it’s a must to learn if you want to access it via PC, laptop, or even Chrome.

Things to Check Out in the October 16 Apple Event

The October 16th edition of the live streaming event really has the slogan “It’s been way too long”, and that really has a very special message in it. It’s because this means that this event will be telling you all about the announced updates of certain products such as Apple TV, Mac mini, along with some well known devices that will do have upgrades like the iPad Air and mini.

There will be a lot of discussions to provide you more reasons on how to replace your iPad with new devices since there will be brand new features that will surely attract you to getting it, and rest assured that it’s going to be worth it. There will be really powerful specs coming along, and this is very interesting for all Apple fans out there.

The Mac mini is truly interesting since this will be another step for Apple to provide more convenient devices to use. There will surely be new features that will really amaze Mac OS X users out there as well – even though we have our own laptops and PCs at home. Rest assured that testing out these products will be worth it. So be sure to watch it now!

VLC: The Free and Easy Solution to Streaming From Desktop To iPad and iPhone

Until recently, if you wanted to watch access your movies, music or TV shows on your iOS device you had to go through the extra step of transferring the content from your desktop to your mobile device.

That’s now a thing of the past! With VLC Streamer, you stream your media content from your PC or Mac through your WiFi to your iOS device. It also allows you to store your entire media collection on you iPhone, iPad, or iPod, rather than on your PC or Mac. Best of all, you can do all of this for free, as long as you don’t mind dealing with a few ads. FYI – VLC can convert most movie formats, but it won’t stream any DRM protected videos.


Access the iTunes App Store  from your iOS device and hit the traffic cone icon located in the top right corner of the screen, and then select Local Network and then select Plex Media Server, which will call up the media contained in your Library. Just be aware due to the multiple levels of nesting, you will need some extra time initially to locate your files.

You can enjoy the same ease of use on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer. Multiple TVs are no problem, because Plex will work on all of the popular streamers and on a lot of the newer smart TVs too.

Plex Media Server is free, available for PC or Mac and is free and you can download it from the developer’s website at: Plex lets you organize your media, including photos and home videos in one place. You can add descriptions, you can add movie or TV plot summaries, and even album photos. It lets you view your media on everywhere TV in your home or from any mobile device when you’re on the fly.

After you download Plex, launch the app, either from the Windows System Tray, or your Mac’s Menu Bar, and right click on the icon, then choose Media Manager. Your browser will then open and it will load the Plex Web App automatically. The developer has also provided a Wizard that will walk you through the Server set up to assist you in creating your Media Libraries.

Once you have completed the set-up, Plex will automatically scan all your media, collect the metadata about content, and categorize it for you too. Any content that you recently added, will be up front to make identifying your new stuff super easy. Plex keeps track of the program you’re watching so that you can easily resume play or, if you prefer, simply move on to the next episode.

Now that your devices are all set, sit back, relax, and enjoy your multimedia experience!