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VPN Hack to Bypass WiFi at School and Work

Schools and employers limit WiFi access for lots of legitimate reasons, but that also limits your user experience. With this simple hack you can bypass your organization’s cumbersome WiFi restrictions so that you can go where you want on the internet and not just where they want you go!


Every organization is understandably concerned about the security of their networks and the huge increase in network penetrations has your school or employer determined to lock it down tight. Measures taken to protect their networks from malicious hackers mean your freedom ends up being restricted.

If all you want to be productive and have fun on your terms, and not theirs, then here’s a hack to bypass those pesky WiFi restrictions with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN gives you your own private network within a public network for safe and secure browsing and transactions. Businesses use VPNs to securely connect workers and share data and resources and computer users use VPNS for accessing the internet when using public networks, like coffee shop hot spots.

VPNs are your connection between your computer or mobile device and the website you are accessing; consequently, any website traffic that is being blocked from accessing particular websites by your school or employer are accessible by you through your VPN. Since VPNs are normally encrypted and their IPS change constantly, it’s very unlikely that your school or employer will detect you.

So what do you need to connect with a VPN and sidestep WiFi restrictions? Just an iOS based mobile device and a free download of OpenVPN from the Apple’s App Store.

Let’s get started:

  • Open up Safari
  • Navigate to net
  • Scroll to your country of residence
  • Tap to download “OpenVPN Config file”
  • In the top-right hand corner of the screen, tap “Open In OpenVPN”
  • Activate the VPN from the OpenVPN app

You’re now ready to rock and roll, but if you have any problems, just go to:

  • Settings, General, and Profile and uninstall any VPN profiles that may have been previously installed.


Use This Concept Hack to Make Anonymous Calls From iPhone App

This is our first foray into concept jailbreak hacks because this one is too good to pass up! It’s called the Call Anonymous Button and with it you can make anonymous calls to anyone from an iPhone.

This concept uses the telephony systems that most countries have, by simply adding the right country prefix and by adding an additional button to the Dialer in the stock iOS Phone app. To make anonymous calls from the US, you just dial “*67” before the phone number and you would dial “*49” to make anonymous calls from Germany. You will need to jailbreak your phone to make this work but if the concept bears fruit, you may find that it’s well worth the effort.


While you could use this concept feature to make some hilarious prank calls, you could use it effectively to interact with new online vendors that you don’t want to collect you telephone number, or if you are a business and you want to anonymously contact customers.

This concept was created by Reddit user ibra038 who is interested in partnering with a developer to turn this intriguing concept into a reality. The Reddit forum has a really interesting discussion of this concept, including some tweaks to improve the design of the concept app.

We’ll keep you posted on this really interesting and promising forum, so stay tuned!

The Answer To the iPhone 6 Yellow Screen Mystery

If you anxiously awaited your pre-ordered iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, only to find that after booting up you were greeted by a screen that with a yellow tint, don’t panic. We have solved the mystery for you. Apple hasn’t lost its touch and there is no need to send your phone back to its maker.


iPhone screens with a yellow tint is not a mystery. Every year there are reports of this problem. The answer lies in the adhesive material Apple uses for the touch screen digitizer. The adhesive may take a little time to dry out thoroughly and in the meantime, it will cause the screen to look a bit yellow. While it is a frustrating phenomenon, it is only temporary and that yellow tint on your screen should fade within a few days as the adhesive dries. If however, it has been a few days and your screen is still maintaining that yellow tint, then by all means head to your Apple Store Apple Store and get it replaced. If the new phone has the same yellow tint, then like the first phone, give it a few days to fade, as a little time will normally fix the issue. There is discussion on Reddit’s Apple Forum about this very issue.

Dead pixels on the other hand, where the pixels don’t change to display the proper color, or other issues unrelated to the yellow tint are reasons to return your iPhone immediately.

Although we would like to think huge companies, even companies with the highest quality standards, can get the manufacturing of millions of new hardware and software products done flawlessly, the fact is there are frequently hardware unforeseen issues and software bugs in that first batches. That’s why as tempting as it may be to be the first one on the block with that awesome new latest high tech tool or toy, we recommend waiting. Let the dust settle a bit on the new product. Let the manufactures fix the hardware issues and debug that nifty new software. You’ll save yourself time, possibly money and definitely frustration.

KeyboardVibrate8: Your Solution for Vibrate On Touch from iOS 8 Keyboards

If you’ve been looking for a tweak for getting tactile or haptic feedback for key presses on your iOS keyboard, then KeyboardVibrate8 is your solution!

Apple’s virtual keyboard gets great reviews, but some folks have been urging Apple to add haptic feedback functionality. It’s the logical next step after the adoption of touch sensitive screens. Haptic feedback on your keyboard won’t leave you guessing whether your mobile device has recorded your keystrokes – you’ll know. It’s time Apple caught up to Android by offering this feature, where it has always been available, and which Android provides as a default feature. Many people who convert from Android to Apple devices are surprised and irritated that this feature is not available.


You’ll have to jailbreak your iOS 8 device first before you can download this free app to turn those keyboard clicks into vibrations on touch. Once you install KeyVibrate8 you’ll get feedback in the form of a small vibration every time you press a key. You can change the intensity of the vibration by tapping the respring button. It remains to be seen whether it works with third-party keyboards like Swype, Fleksy or Swiftkey, but it works well on the default iOS 8 keyboard.

This app is free and does what it’s supposed to do, solving a small but annoying little problem and improving your user experience a little bit, or maybe a lot and adding this tool won’t deplete your battery.

The app only works on jail broken devices so, you’ll have to jailbreak your iOS 8 device, and you can use the TaiG tool if you’re a Windows user or the PP Tool  if you’ve got a Mac. At this time, you’ll need either an iOS 8 and 8.1.2 device to install the app, since a jailbreak tool for the 8.1.3 has not yet been released. You can download the app from Cydia  from the BigBoss repository. From the Cydia website, just search for KeyboardVibrate8 to get started.

Hola Privacy: A Free VPN For iOS Devices With Unlimited Downloading!

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to browse the internet from your iOS mobile device? Take a look at Hola Privacy, which is a VPN that has an unlimited data plan for iOS devices! There is just one small catch that for many of us, is not a deal breaker.

The free version of Hola (Hola Free) provides privacy protection, blocks ads, all while offering with unlimited download speeds and upload speeds for 1 GB of data. The catch is that after your first gig of data, Hola Free will throttle your download speed to 1mbps and your upload speed to 128kbps. You can free yourself from throttling by paying a reasonable $5.00 per month. This is actually a better deal than most of the other free VPNs for iOS devices out there.


Everyone has to make a decision about how much privacy they need to feel safe and how much inconvenience or money they are willing to spend to ensure it. Some folks take all of the basic, precautionary measures to safeguard privacy online, while others balk at installing and especially paying for VPNs. Some people use VPNs for specific activities, like accessing music or video streaming services. Some users hate the way VPNs slow down browser performance and the software is sometimes buggy.

I you’re thinking about paying for a VPN, you should also take a look at Private Internet Access VPN Service. Private Internet Access VPN is a little more expensive than Hola at $6.75 but outperforms the competitors, including offering the convenience of connection for up to three mobile devices.

If living with throttling for the free version or paying a less for service are what you’re after, then download Hola by following these simple steps:

On your iOS device go to Settings:

  1. Select General
  2. Then select VPN
  3. Select a Server
  4. Connect to the VPN
  5. Download Hola Privacy VPN for iPhone & iPad

One More Step:

After you install the app, you’ll have to install a VPN profile through your Safari browser. Don’t worry – your app will direct you through this final step.

You’re all done! Now go out there and surf the web anywhere, anytime without censorship and without fear!

 A Look At Apple Watch and Its Tracks Runs Feature Without GPS

The Apple Watch Apple Watch is finally here and the reaction has been mixed. To some it seemed as useful as a pet rock. For those that like it, especially for the health and fitness features, you’re probably wondering how the device tracks without using GPS  and without a connection to an iPhone or iPad.


Initially we thought Apple would put the GPS feature in the headphones that come with the device and seemed like an arrangement that would give Apple Watch the superior accuracy of GPS for tracking your runs and providing directions without taxing the notoriously short battery life of the device.

So How Does Apple Watch track runs without an iPhone? Initially it does it by tracking your steps and the total distance run. It uses the GPS on your phone to calibrate your steps with distance. Within time, it will develop an accurate estimate of your gait distance and can track your running time without an iPhone.

This feature is perfect if you are more concerned with how much you have run rather than here you have run and how many steps you have taken

So what are you waiting for? Go for a run!

Foiled Again! SNES4iOS & GBA4iOS Are Not Working On iOS 8.1.3

 Recently we covered how HD Cinema, PlayBox HD and MovieBox were no longer working on iOS 8.1.3. Now we’ve learned that Nintendo emulators for Super Nintendo and GameBoy Advance are also not working.

There are certain apps that are not allowed in the App store because of legal and security concerns. These include video streaming apps, bit torrent downloaders and retro console emulators.


Owning emulators is not illegal, but when you download emulators you also download game ROMs to play them on. You can emulate game ROMs as long as you own the cartridge to your Super Nintendo or GameBoy Advance. It is very likely that most of the users do not own the cartridges for the games they play when using emulators and that is why emulators are not allowed in the App Store. There is high demand or emulators and both GBA4iOS 2.1 and SNES4iOScan can be download without jailbreaking. While the hack does not involve jailbreaking, it is not uncommon for the emulator to stop working or for some users to find it impossible to download the emulator at all.

Sure enough, SNES4iOS, NDS4iOS and GBA4iOS have ceased working on iOS 8.1.3, and at present, there is not a solution that does not involve Jailbreaking. If something changes we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, you could take your iOS mobile device and jailbreak it on iOS 8.1.2 and then you could download emulators through .  As long as you have not upgraded, you could always downgrade to iOS 8.1.3 for iOS 8.1.2 and to iTunes 12.1 too, although you’d better hurry, as this option will not be available for much longer.