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Best Themes for Nokia Lumia Series and Other Windows Phones

Customizing your phone is the first step in anyone who has a smartphone. Getting to know of the controls and applying personalization settings is something that makes your smartphone actually yours in identity.

Looking for themes for your Windows phone? For the Nokia Lumia series and other phones that run on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 OS. Here are just some of the best looking Nokia Windows themes for your phone:


Among the many Nokia Windows themes available for your phone, Wiztiles does what its name tells you – applying a variety of tiles that you make for your phone. Though creating is limited, it’s easy and simple as it can be done with one click. Create your own themes and even share them with your friends!



  • Unlimited tile customization.
  • Add shortcuts to tiles.
  • Turn your pictures into tiles.
  • Live Tile Support

Download WizTiles: Windows Store/ Install


Interface customization is what the Metro Skins app gives you. Using different tools, you can customize the interface in whatever way you want it to be. Though it’s a relatively new app, it’s been rated highly by users in the Windows customization category, making it worth a try.



  • Create shortcuts.
  • Make sticky notes and reminders.
  • Live battery percentage display tile.

Download MetroSkins: Windows Store/ Install

WP Themes

Looking for colorful Nokia Windows themes? You’re in luck. WP Themes allows you to customize your phone with various tiles, pictures, ringtones, and wallpapers with such ease, convenience, and colors that you can make your own theme like a piece of art. This app also gives you the dark and light versions of the themes you’ve made. Aside from that, you can even place icons wherever you want them to be with different styles, sizes, and more!



  • Create one-to-many shortcuts for multiple apps.
  • 1000+ different tiles to choose from.
  • Third party apps.
  • Easy sharing on social media.

Download WP Themes: Windows Store/ Install

Lock Themes

Lock Themes take a different approach as this app allows you to customize your phone’s lock screen. You can choose what apps appear on your lock screen and you can even adjust the theme to include horoscopes, quotes, and images from your gallery.



  • Daily horoscopes and quotes.
  • Update images daily.
  • Save lock screen theme to your image gallery.
  • Customizable lock screen.

Download Lock Themes: Windows Store/ Install

Skinery Themes

Among the Nokia Windows themes available in the Windows Store, the Skinery themes app lets you design your tiles with different colors, gradients, and even lets you choose images from your phone to create tile backgrounds. If you’re looking to exercise your artistic sense in creating custom tiles for your phone, then better take a look at this app.



  • Shortcuts for social apps – Facebook, messaging, emails, etc.
  • Create app shortcuts.
  • Create animated tiles.
  • Rotating screen lock.
  • Customizable tiles on your phone.

Download Skinery Themes: Windows Store/ Install

Through the hundreds of customization apps, it can get a bit confusing in choosing great Nokia Windows themes. We hope that this guide has enlightened you in choosing better apps for your Windows phone!

Download Fragment for PC (Mac, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch)/ Download Fragment APK

Nowadays, many photo editing apps available for download become mundane and only have a low quality. At times photo editing on a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet can be quite messy and becomes a hassle.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why most people prefer to take photos on their mobile device, transfer it to a computer, and then use photo editing programs on desktop computers which are more powerful and efficient just like Adobe PhotoShop.

Tired of the usual photo editing apps? Afraid to ruin the original photo? Photo editing on your phone or tab can become quite messy. If you just make the wrong move or a touch of the screen, the original image that you were just editing may disappear completely as you apply the edits. Is there a way to avoid all that trouble? Well, now you can without the use of scissors or apps that just mess up the original photo!


Fragment is an iOS app that lets you play around with the photo, but without damaging the original one. It’s an innovative app that let you create fragmented photos by adding layers and patters from several fragments of the original photo, either just taen from your camera or from your photo gallery. You can adjust brightness, contrast, color, and blur using the pull up toolbar which results in artistic and abstract photos. While it may look complex, Fragment is actually easy to use with its friendly touch tools and cool geometric shapes to let you bring out your creativity and artistic skills. Transform simple images into powerful statements as prismic arts.



  • Save full resolution of photos
  • 45 unique designs
  • Randomize option for instant creations
  • 4 crop ratio options
  • Add various filters
  • Invert or desaturate photos
  • Compatible with Tangent and LoryStripes
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

How to Download Fragment for PC/ Fragment for Mac/ Fragment for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch/ Download Fragment APK

While Fragrment is exclusive only to the iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad, there are still a lot of people who want to use this neat photo editing app for their desktop. Fragment is only available on the iOS, but you can make use of an emulator to bring it to your PC! If you’re looking for a great iOS emulator for your PC or Mac, then iPadian 2 is the way to go. Here are simple steps that you can follow to use the Fragment app on your PC or Mac:

  • Download and install iOS emulator iPadian 2
  • Search for Fragment app on iPadian
  • Click and install Fragment app on iPadian
  • Open Fragment and enjoy!
  • For other emulators, you can also download Fragment APK: Here

Having trouble download the Fragment APK? That just means you haven’t bought it on Google Play Store. To download Fragment or any paid app’s APK, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Access Google Play Store and search for Fragment app
  • Buy Fragment with Google Wallet
  • Install Fragment on your device
  • Go to APK Downloader
  • Copy the app URL from Play Store and click on “Generate Download Link”
  • Download the APK file and enjoy!