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Top 5 Best Emulators For iPhone and iPad

Using emulators is often the most common solution if you want to play games on your mobile device that are not compatible with the OS.

While there are a lot of games available on the App Store for the iOS devices, there are still some games that we can’t stop loving but aren’t available for downloads or aren’t even compatible to play in the iOS. Do you really need to buy a gaming console or device to experience the nostalgia? Not necessarily. Here are just some of the best emulators for iPhone and iPad.


Game Boy Advance 2.0

You won’t need to jailbreak your iOS device to use Game Boy Advance 2.0 as it’s the easiest solution if you want to play the classic Game Boy games on your iPad or iPhone. Get to play games like Pokemon Fire Red, Contra, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrows, and a lot more. If you miss the classics that the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance has to offer, then getting Game Boy Advance 2.0 is just the thing for you to experience the nostalgia once again.

Gear Boy

One of the best, if not the best emulator for the iPhone and iPad when it comes to Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, the Gear Boy emulator lets you play games like Pokemon Blue, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and a lot more!


Planning to take a look back in history of PC gaming? iDos lets you get a feel of how the age of gaming was during the time when graphics or next-gen consoles weren’t even thought of before. Dive back into the 80’s with iDos and get a touch of how it felt like playing the oldest of the old games straight from your iPad or iPhone.


Get to play Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive games like ToeJam and Earl, Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, and more wth MD.emu. Being one of the best emulators for iPhone and iPad that lets you play Sega Genesis games on your iOS device, what more could you ask for?


One of the best emulators for iPhone and iPad, what RetroArch gives is the ability to play a large number of games from the SNES up to the Sega Genesis. With hundreds of games lined up in these classic consoles, there can be hundreds of hours filled with nostalgic fun right from your iPhone or iPad. It’s certainly an emulator that you should have for your iPhone or iPad.


Emulation gaming has been around for years and will just keep on improving as the years go by. As emulators let you play games that aren’t meant for a device by using software and your device’s available hardware, you need to keep your device updated since some games won’t run smoothly because of their demands which include graphics, processing speed, and more. If you want to experience gaming but you don’t have a console, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy one. Instead, go online and get to downloading these awesome emulators for your iPhone or your iPad.

Download Dr. Driving for PC – (Mac,Windows), Dr. Driving Apk

Dr. Driving is a very popular and addictive game which is available for Android users. If you have an Android based smartphone or tablet, then you might’ve already seen it in the famous games category of Google Play Store. If you like playing racing games with a mixture of strategy, then get Dr. Driving from the Google PlayStore.



Dr. Driving has been downloaded for over 100 million times in the Google PlayStore and has good reviews. Dr. Driving has a very clean user interface so any player can easily get used to it. The game allows players to play through 6 different driving game play experiences. The game has a point based system where in how much points you have will allow you to progress to many other stages and unlock new stuff..


Dr. Driving for PC can be enjoyed in a better way if you enable sound and play with it. We will provide you a step by step guide to install Dr. Driving for PC on both Windows based system and iOS too.

If you are interested in playing Dr. Driving game on your PC, then below is a quick guide on how to install the Dr. Driving game on your PC using Android and iOS Emulators.


How to Download Dr. Driving For PC | Dr. Driving For Mac | Dr. Driving For Windows 7, 8 | Download Dr. Driving Apk


For downloading the game Dr. Driving for PC:

Step 1 : Install BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC. [ Link ]

Step 2 : Open BlueStacks App Player and use the search bar to search for Dr. Driving game.

Step 3 : After finding the game, click install.

Step 4 : Once the game is successfully installed on BlueStacks, you can start playing the game on PC.


Download Dr. Driving Apk from the below given link and install it on to any of the Android Emulators you have installed on your PC. After successfully installing the Apk on to the Emulator, you can open the game and start playing it on your PC. Few best suggested Android Emulators are BlueStacks, GeneMotion and YouWave.


Download Dr. Driving Apk from Google PlayStore : Here


For installing Dr. Driving iOS game on PC with iOS emulator:

Step 1 : Install iPadian/iPadian 2 iOS Emulator on your PC. [ Link ]

Step 2 : Open iPadian, use the search bar to search for the Dr. Driving on iPadian.

Step 3 : After finding Dr. Driving for PC on iPadian, click install.

Step 4 : Once the game is successfully installed on your iPadian, you can start playing the game on PC.


Wasn’t this easy? I hope that you will enjoy Dr. Driving for PC. Any questions, please let us know. Also, if we were able to help you with you task to download Dr. Driving for PC (Windows OS and Mac computer) for free, please share this in your social circle as there might be some other users who are looking for this solution.