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New JavaScript Widgets by Shield UI

Web development with HTML and JavaScript has been a mainstay practice throughout the years. You’ll be needing the right tools and programs to ensure that web development goes smoothly and without a hitch.

With that said, Shield UI is one of the best when it comes to their web development tools. One of which is their Web Development Suite which provides efficient and effective support when it comes to web development with HTML5 through JAVA, MVC, and pure JavaScript. With that said, Shield UI has released their newest JavaScript widgets that you can use for web development.

Shield UI has recently given out 12 new controls in addition to their Web Development Suite to boost the power and integrity of their suite flagship for better controls on charts and grids.


Shield UI lead developer Dave Johnson has stated that while other companies aim to overwhelm users by several controls that cover ground in one go, Shield UI aims to allow controls to mature with their rich content, letting users get the hang of it instead of just bombing them with several controls all at once. The original developers aren’t moved to other teams or to work on other products, but instead focus on future improvements and updates.

Developing HTML5 UI components for the ASP.NET, JAVA, MVC, and the pure JavaScript is where the Shield UI does best in. With rich content that they offer along with easy controls and top quality tech support, it’s not a surprise how Shield UI has become a trusted brand which supports rendering in various types of devices from desktops to smartphones, as well as OS like Android, Windows, and iOS.


You can sign up for a free trial version by going to Aside from the free trial, the complete control bundle can be obtained from two packages – the “Free for Non-Commercial Use” which lets you use Shield UI for free as long as it’s for personal use or non-commercial tasks; and the Standard Commercial bundle. Both of these packages come with a support pack that’s available 24/7.

Shield UI plans on extending their product’s size two times by the mid-2014 due to the demand of developers that want rich web development suites and tools that come with a variety of controls. Shield UI is also aiming for a more secure availability of controls through the use of JAVA, MVC, and ASP.NET.

Shield UI is also working on integrating their components to an existing online report and sharing system through Reportivo. This allows easy data uploads and simpler operations. Visualizations can also be customized through the website’s UI or through API. This service comes as free and lets you share generated reports and even embed it to any site.

Shield UI is certainly one of the most effective and efficient web development tools that you can get. Using a powerful software and a number of tools that come along with it, it’s almost certain that Shield UI will be staying in the business for years. With their new JavaScript widgets, web development will definitely become more innovative.

Download Super Hexagon for PC/ Super Hexagon for Mac, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch, BlackBerry, Linux  

Today, most games have become so reused and mainstream that we get a series of games with the same story, same premise, same gameplay, albeit a different appearance or a different skin applied to it to make the game look a bit different than the original. Nowadays, it’s rare to come across games that are actually unique, genuine, and really fun to play at the same time.

If you’re tired of the mainstream games, then why not check out a brand new game that’s unique and exciting – Super Hexagon?


Super Hexagon

Coming in as a sequel to the popular “Hexagon” game developed by Terry Cavanagh, Super Hexagon is a high addictive game that was exclusive for the iOS at first, but was later ported to the Android, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry, and now even available to Steam. Use shapes, reflexes, and impressive hand and eye coordination as you get your hands on this simple yet challenging game that can make you sweat out of pressure.



In Super Hexagon, you control a small triangle which moves within an open circuit of hexagons. What you need to do is simple – avoid the hexagons that come your way which can shift to other shapes like squares or triangles. You need to use your vision, reflexes, and prospective view of the situation as each level presents a new challenge. One good thing to take note of is that the game is fast-paced and that will probably take some time to get used to if you want to get that high score.


Super Hexagon has a variety of difficulty settings – Hexagon, Hexagoner, Hexagonist which would then proceed to Hyper Hexagon, Hyper Hexagoner, and Hyper Hexagonist with Hexagon being the easiest and Hyper Hexagonist being the most difficult one. You are given a 60-second time limit to survive the onslaught of shapes that come your way. While it’s simple to pick up, no one has passed the Hyper Hexagonist level which just proves how complex and how difficult this game gets.

Are you going to be the one to get past Hyper Hexagonist? Are you up for the challenge?

Super Hexagon Download for PC/ Super Hexagon Download for Mac/ Super Hexagon Download for Windows/ Super Hexagon Download for BlackBerry/ Super Hexagon Download for Linux/ Super Hexagon Download for Android and iOS

Being ported to different platforms, Super Hexagon is available to a variety of devices. You can go to Super Hexagon’s main page by clicking here and download the game directly. You can also install the Super Hexagon as a download by using an emulator. A good choice if you’re looking for an emulator is BlueStacks. For other emulators, you first need to download Super Hexagon’s APK file so you can install it on your PC. Here are a few steps that you can follow to install Super Hexagon via an emulator on your PC.

  • Download and install BlueStacks Android emulator or any other Android emulator like GenyMotion or YouWave.
  • Look for Super Hexagon on BlueStacks and install it
  • You can also get it by downloading Super Hexagon’s APK file by going here.
  • Once you’re done installing it on BlueStacks, open Super Hexagon on BlueStacks or any other emulator.
  • Run Super Hexagon and enjoy the game!