10 Best Remote Desktop Apps For iPhone And iPad

By | March 1, 2015


When it comes to Remote Desktops, it is very difficult to find the best and sometimes all-in-one solution for everyone. We are giving you a list of the 10 best Remote Desktop apps available for iPhone and iPad that can help you out.

The list below is based purely on user reviews and ratings gathered from different sources, so opinions may vary accordingly.

Splashtop 2

With just one Splashtop account, you can access up to 5 computers. Splashtop 2 allows users to remotely connect to a main computer from a mobile device to access its content or run applications.

Jump Desktop

Here’s another handy app. Jump Desktop allows users to control their computer from their phone or tablet with ease. The app also offers UI (User Interface) customization through the device itself. Multitasking on this app is also very easy even for new users.


With this app, you can connect your Mac or Windows desktop using your iPad or iPhone. Its high accuracy screen control and keyboard auto-activation features is sure to make this app a joy to use with anyone.

LogMeIn Ignition

With this app, you can access your home and work computers while on the go. You can control your Mac or PC like you were sitting in front of it and get important files and documents as well as edit them from your iPhone or iPad. Surely it can work magic for anyone who uses it.


What makes TeamViewer one of the best is because of its ability to access computers behind firewalls and proxy servers without putting much effort. TeamViewer is already being used on more than 200,000,000 computers worldwide. The team behind this amazing app puts great effort to it as they also offer on-the-go support for their clients, colleagues and friends. 


Arguably the best remote access app available for most iPhones and iPads today, iTeleport lets users allows remote access to their Mac and PCs remotely control them with their iPhone or iPad through WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE with ease. It can connect users to an almost limitless number of computers.

Desktop Connect

Another great app suited for most iPhones and iPads, Desktop Connect is fast and also features a full desktop viewer and can also view and control Windows, Mac OS X (including Lion) and Linux based computers directly through your finger tips. The best feature of this app is that it lets you connect to your computer from any parts of the world by simply signing in to your Google Account.

Parallels Access

Parallels Access is an excellent app that allows you to remotely control your Mac or PC with an iPhone or iPad while on the go. It is available in the iTunes AppStore for single price with no hidden add-ons.


As it says, this app contains unique patent protected technology for optimal resizing of Windows objects so that one doesn’t need to have a hard time to handle their desktop on their iOS based device with problems in size. Ths app offers quick, easy and secure mobile remote access to their office or home PCs and also Windows applications from their iPad or iPhone.

VNC Viewer

With over 20 years of experience, you have got to believe that RealVNC would shift from marketing iPhone apps. Their product of course doesn’t disappoint. VNC Viewer lets anyone remote access to any number of computers with many platform supports.

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